Diablo patch 1.11 in the Horizon!

Great evil has returned to the world of Diablo 2. Will you answer the call to save Sanctuary?  Blizzard has announced a new patch for Diablo II.  Patch 1.11 is coming …  Now the question is whether all this hype is herald to more exciting news.  Blizzard North has been working on a game, as announced in 2003.  BlizzCon could be a special event for any announcements.  Keep your fingers crossed!  Now it is time for some drooling, check out the screenshots below:

VGTour Ladder Invitation

We were informed of a new VGTour ladder—Vile Gaming Tour—on Battle.net, organized by IA-NewB.  The VGTour ladder is based mostly on US West realm and is entering its 4th season. Vile Gaming Tour founder, Spartan, was recently interviewed on GosuGamers.net.

The VGTour is trying to provide a solid ladder on West for all the skilled west players to compete on and determine who is really the best. The event has two ladder sections, one for high money and one for low money maps, so that ALL gamers on bnet can participate.  Read the interview for more in-depth details.

Music4Games Interviews Jason Hayes

The Editor of Music4Games has informed us about their interview with Jason Hayes, World of Warcraft Lead Composer, regarding Video Games Live and GC concert performances of his music:

Music4Games:How does it feel to have your music selected
          for the GC Game Music Symphony Concert?

          Jason Hayes: I’m very honored to be a part of this spectacular
          concert event! To have music performed at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig,
          a city so renowned for its rich music history, is a real thrill
          for me.

Music4Games: What other projects are on the horizon after the live

          Jason Hayes: I’m going to be in high production mode on the
          album for the next few months, and I’m also currently starting a
          brand new game from NCsoft. Right now, all the details are completely
          undisclosed, but I’m hoping that some information will be released
          about it soon. I think it’s really going to be incredible!

Blizzplanet interviews Bill Roper

Although, this game is not a Blizzard game, we are about to launch our Hellgate: London Fansite.  In preparations for our new Network site,  we interviewed Flagship Studios CEO Bill Roper—former Blizzard North CEO— concerning the E3 2005 highly-awarded Action-RPG game Hellgate: London. The interview focused mostly on concerns about this game that will answer many questions to a wide spectrum of players, from Modding Community, Mac and Linux Communities, to hardcore Multiplayer FPS players. Read our interview

BlizzCon Tickets Available!

Tickets to BlizzCon, Blizzard’s inaugural player convention, are now on sale. If you are interested in attending, you can buy tickets here. If you’d like more information about BlizzCon and what awaits you at the show, please be sure to visit the BlizzCon Web site.

Blizzplanet has access to 6 tickets that are not part of the ticket limit of 4,400.  We are allowed to give these tickets to our visitors, willing to buy them, in case BlizzCon tickets are sold out.  In the event tickets are sold out, simply contact me Here.  Our allocated BlizzCon Tickets are available until 8am PDT on July 29, 2005.  If you live near Anaheim, California, and want one of Blizzplanet’s tickets, feel free to contact me. I personally can’t attend to the event since I live in the Eastern coast.  Some of the highlights of BlizzCon include:

  • Q&A panels with the World of Warcraft?  and StarCraft: Ghost developers

  • BlizzCon Invitational Tournament featuring top Warcraft III and StarCraft professional gamers from around the world
  • A separate LAN area stocked with PCs loaded with Blizzard games
  • Contests in which die-hard gamers can compete for great prizes
  • Custom BlizzCon merchandise in the BlizzCon store
  • A special closing-night concert featuring a to-be-announced band

World of Warcraft Launches in Singapore

World of Warcraft continues to take the world by storm as it launches in yet another territory in Asia. On July 21, World of Warcraft goes on sale in Singapore, making the island nation the third territory in Asia to support World of Warcraft and the sixth region worldwide, after North America, Australia and New Zealand, Korea, Europe, and China. We welcome our friends from Singapore into the world of Azeroth and look forward to many great adventures together. Read more here.

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