Caydiem: Blizzard teams focus

Caydiem made an explosive statement after a fan ranted about paying $15 a month to have new Wallpapers, Dressing Rooms and Trading Cards invoking Blizzard to Focus on what players need.  This was a very important statement that clears up that Blizzard is not made of a single entity.  Blizzard is divided in different departments and each focus on different aspects of the game, while other departments aren’t in-game related, like Web Designers, Marketing, etc

Caydiem: “It’s a darn good thing the Web Team (that updates you with important information when there’s information to give, and also happens to work on the wallpapers), Server Team (not developers, but technicians who release new realms based on capacity needs—and yes, we did need them), and Upper Deck (the fine folks developing the CCG) aren’t responsible for new content, then, hm?

The designers have been and continue to work on new content. The Dressing Room feature, while not appealing to you, perhaps, is something that many people asked for. The class designers are hard at work on the classes. The dungeon designers are busy with their latest project. The list goes on. We have separate teams for separate portions of the game, and all are working on their appropriate chunk o’ game.

You are paying $15 a month to access the World of Warcraft game, at the heart of it—and we are working to improve said game, but the class designers are not spending their days working on wallpapers. The dungeon designers didn’t take time out of their day to make the Dressing Room feature. The server technicians are constantly working on improving realm performance”

Bonus Map - Banewood Bog

New Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne Bonus map available from Blizzard: “This land is truly cursed. Rivers of poison, filled with demonic bile, eat away at the earth. Ancient wyrms, terrible and great, slumber quietly within the mire. Perhaps you know of a dragon slayer, jobless, up for hire.”

Official Wow Movie Contest

Blizzard announced the official BlizzCon World of Warcraft Movie Competition, sponsored by NVIDIA! Blizzard is looking for some talented players to create a movie using in-game footage and combined with music from any of Blizzard’s past games. Blizzard is accepting submissions beginning Thursday, September 8.  Five winners will receive an NVIDIA? GeForce? 6800 Ultra, two tickets to BlizzCon, and much more.

CVG Interviews Shane Dabiri: Hero Classes

Computer and Video Games conducted a Q&A with World of Warcraft Producer Shane Dabiri concerning patch 1.7 and upcoming content.  It seems Hero Classes are near, finally:

“What’s happening with Hero Classes? What can you tell us about these, what can we expect to see here?

Shane Dabiri: We can tell you that Hero classes are at the top of our priority list and we’ve already begun work on them. However, there really isn’t anything concrete we can say at this time except that they are a priority for us and we’ll reveal more when the time is right.”

Thanks Bluesnews

Pets Abilities introduced in Patch 1.7

Hunters get some love in the upcoming patch 1.7—as revealed by Caydiem, Wow Community Manager:

All right, folks, here’s something that should lift your spirits. The following are the pet customization changes in the 1.7 patch.

You can now train your pet in passive abilities such as increased Armor, Stamina, Fire Resistance, Nature Resistance, Shadow Resistance, Frost Resistance, and Arcane Resistance using their training points.

In addition, there are specialized abilities for certain types of pets:

  • Bats, Owls, and Carrion Birds can now learn the Screech ability, a fast, single-target attack that also lowers the attack power of all enemies within melee range of the pet.

  • Cats can now learn the Stealth ability. In addition to being unseen, they receive a damage bonus for their first attack coming out of Stealth.
  • Scorpids can now learn Scorpid Poison. This poison deals Nature damage over time and stacks up to five times on a single enemy.
  • Wolves can now learn Furious Howl. The howl adds a flat amount of damage to all nearby party members’ next attack (within 15 yards).

The training point costs for all pet abilities have been rebalanced, and Growl is now free for all pets. You can untrain your pet’s training points from any Pet Trainer in the major cities for a fee. Similar to talent respecs, untraining a specific pet scales up as you do it more times: 10s, 50s, 1g, 2g, 3g, etc… capping at 10g.

Hunter pets will now gain experience based on the level difference between them and their target, rather than the difference between the Hunters and their target. This will make it much easier to level up a low level pet. You will still need to kill creatures from which the Hunter can gain experience, however.

And lastly—as a comment to an annoying issue for many—you can adjust the autocast status of skills with that option in the spellbook.

The designers are looking into further customization, but this is what is coming for 1.7. smile

Starcraft & Broodwar Patch 1.13c

Blizzard released Starcraft and Broodwar patch 1.13c which addresses a couple of bugs introduced by the previous patch.  You can download the patch for PC, Mac OS 8.6-9.2 and Mac OS X at the following link.

  • Fixed a bug involving zerg buildings.

  • Fixed a bug related to minimap unit ordering during replays.

Unreleased Content List

We have added an unofficial list of Non-released Content of World of Warcraft and some lore behind them taken from Warcraft novels and Warcraft RPG books.  The listing is meant to be informative concerning upcoming zones and instances, and is meant to encourage fans to read Warcraft Novels and RPG books.  The list was originally posted in the Wow Forums and seen by over 100,000 viewers.  After updating the information, I exceeded the character limit of the forums, so it was now added permanently in this website.  If you find a mistake or consider something is wrong in the list, don’t hesitate contacting us at the Submit News section.

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