Weather Effects in the Works

A new weather system soon to be tested. Get ready for the rains and storms!  Eyonix shared with the community the progress of the Developing Team on Weather Effects.  Three new Weather types are been tested at this point.  However, there is no ETA for the release of this new feature.

Eyonix: “The development progress for weather effects continues to move forward, and before long we hope to offer additional information on the subject. I will offer up one exciting bit of information – currently, three types of weather are “in the works”, each one designed to bring Azeroth to life in a unique fashion.

I’ll wait for a more appropriate time to unveil the specifics.”

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Warlock Class Changes by Patch 1.8

Patch 1.8 will introduce many significant changes for the Warlock Class.  Death Coil,  Pyroclasm and Damage over Time(DOT) have been tweaked around in the internal build for patch 1.8—and the new talent Bane reduces casting time for Shadowbolt, Soul fire and Immolation spells.  For patch 1.9, end-game pets now will have higher DPS and are being tested by the QA Department.  However, Talent Ruin has been nerfed slightly to balance the new improvements, but not by much as commented by Eyonix.  For Shard bag details read here

  • Death Coil – The cooldown on this spell has been reduced to two minutes and there will now be a short duration (3 sec), non-diminishing fear effect applied to the target. The mana cost has been increased so the spell is less efficient for purposes of DPS.

  • Pyroclasm ? Now gives a chance to stun when Rain of Fire, Hellfire and Soul Fire hit the target.
  • Damage over Time – in patch 1.8 we?ve lowered the duration of Corruption and Curse of Agony, increasing the damage per tick.
  • Bane Talent – will now reduce the casting time of Soul Fire and Immolation spells in addition to Shadow Bolt. The second improvement affects Intensity, which will now reduce the chance to be interrupted while casting Rain of Fire, Hellfire and Soul Fire spells.
  • Ruin – next patch we’ve also slightly reduced the critical damage bonus of Ruin. This change is very small and shouldn’t impact overall Warlock DPS to a noticeable degree.
  • End-Game Pets – overall creature power has increased for Doomguard and Infernal.  Changes scheduled for Patch 1.9
  • Soul shard bag -  The Shard Bag is pending programmer time, which is divided amongst many tasks and projects. The designers are pushing for its production, however. All that I do know at this point in time has been stated before – the bag will be able to hold more Soul Shards than the normal bags which are available, easing the burden of shard management.

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Wow-Europe:  5-days Credit by Morhaime

Wow-Europe gets a 5-days credit for latency and hardware issues during August 31-September 12.  Blizzard President Mike Morhaime expressed his apologies and shared with the fans all the technical issues the Blizzard Europe team went through.  A good precedent, where fans are openly explained the problems that caused the lag spike and login issues.  Fans expressed they wish this type of communication more often:

On September 12th we detected a dramatic increase in temperature at different data centers. We then brought down the servers to avoid any damage to the hardware. Our ISP quickly identified and rectified a failure in the air-conditioning system; however, before re-opening the servers, we brought our hardware manufacturer on-site to check for any damage.

Upcoming Instant Melee Attack Change

The mechanics of most instant melee attacks will be modified to improve item balance upon the release of patch version 1.8. Currently, instant melee attacks do damage based on the damage range of the weapon, plus a bonus for the player?s attack power. This bonus is then multiplied by the speed of the weapon. As a result, slow weapons do more damage than is intended, and fast weapons are considered inferior by most players. We are changing the way the attack power bonus is calculated for instant attacks. This change will NOT affect attack power calculations for normal melee attacks. Instead of multiplying by the speed of the weapon, the attack power bonus will be multiplied by a fixed number pulled from the following table:

Two-handed weapons: 3.3
Daggers: 1.7
All other one-handed weapons: 2.4

As a direct result of this, many weapons will shift position in their relative power. In particular, many epic (purple) quality items will now be more powerful than slower superior (blue) weapons. For the purpose of instant attacks, the Arcanite Reaper and the Barman Shanker will drop slightly in relative power, while Typhoon and Alcor?s Sunrazor will increase in power.

We expect to see the total damage output of a Mortal Strike warrior go down about 4% with the Arcanite Reaper, and up about 4% with Typhoon. We expect the total damage output of a Backstab rogue to go down about 2% with the Barman Shanker and up about 2% with Alcor?s Sunrazor.

This change was not made to reduce the power of instant attacks, but to correct the relative imbalance of weapon itemization. At a given level requirement, epic quality weapons should always be more powerful than superior quality weapons.

Please also note that all normal weapon swings will be completely unaffected by this change. The following abilities are affected by the design change: Sinister Strike, Ambush, Backstab, Whirlwind, Mortal Strike, and Overpower—Eyonix.

Blizzard Original Song Contest

Blizzard announced their official BlizzCon Original Song Contest, sponsored by Creative Labs and FilePlanet! Blizzard is looking for some talented musicians to create an original song based on Diablo, Starcraft, or Warcraft. The five most-talented bards will receive a Soundblaster Platinum X-Fi Sound Card, a free year of World of Warcraft, and much more. Interested? Click the link below for more details:

Wow plague at Yahoo! Buzz

World of Warcraft gets with a small article reporting the Zul’Gurub plague that has been expanding through Azeroth, and makes a joke that hopefully the monthly $15 players get a virtual healthl plan attached.

“News from gaming circles tells of a highly contagious disease spreading through the dungeons of Azeroth. It seems that World of Warcraft (aka WoW), a massively multiplayer online role playing game (otherwise known as an MMORPG), has its own version of the plague, and it’s got people buzzing. “

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