Hellgate: London website

After checking different sets of URLs everyday. Over 24 hours ago, the URL was redirecting to Godaddy. Finally today the URL showed the new website for this exciting game.  Shortly, after PCGamer hits newsstands, the site will officially offer content and news.  In the meantime, visit and bookmark the official website at:

Korea Herald: Starcraft started Online Games Industry

The Korea Herald said that South Korea’s online gaming and Internet cafes have expanded thanks to Starcraft over the last 7 years.  From 500 Net cafes in 1998, today over 30,000 Net cafes have spread throughout South Korea.  The huge success of Starcraft led the local game industry to an online games transition.  Korea Herald interviewed Hahn Jung-won, managing director of Blizzard Entertainment Korea, who said—
“A lot of people inside the industry doubted our ability to succeed in the online game segment. However, these are the same people that easily forget that the online game genre itself was started by the success of StarCraft, which allowed users to play against each other on the Internet”.

Blizzplanet Maintenance

As you may notice, Blizzplanet is going to offer RSS News from the Starcraft, Warcraft 3 and Diablo modding community, as well as other fansites and non-Blizzard games making Blizzplanet a News hub where you can be informed of everything Blizzard-games-related at your reach.  Some links are death at the moment.  Bare with us.  DarkNemesis, official Programmer of Blizzplanet, is heavy at work parsing each RSS news.  We will let you know when all are working properly.  We hope that you like the direction Blizzplanet is about to take.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

World of Burgercraft

Although the following funny parody of World of Warcraft’s latest server issues is about two-weeks old, we decided to share it to those who missed it, and to keep it up for posterity in case that the Wow Forum prune system deletes it. The parody was created by Gilgamesh@@Alleria realm(Level 60 Human Warrior—Guild:  The Lollipop Guild.  This is by far one of the funniest parodies I have ever read.  Specially the analogy of Fangtooth the Murloc and Filet-o-fish.  It got an amazing 51 pages, 1,936 posts and 309,885 views.  Curiosity pays off, so read it and laugh, it will make your morning!  Details below . . .

Wow Lore section update

The book Charge of the Dragonflights located in the Hall of Explorer’s League Library talks about the transformation of the Dragon Aspects when the Titans imbued part of their powers into them.  You can read the book in our World of Warcraft Lore section.

Wow Patch 1.3.1

New Patch 1.3.1 was released today to address certain issues:

  • Fixed a crash bug that would happen infrequently when teleporting

  • Fixed UI error that could occur in certain zones

  • Blizzard: New Wow Downloads section

    The Official World of Warcraft website revamped the Downloads section in a more organized fashion, by categories.  It will be easier to browse the downloads and to find what you wish.  Get familiar with the new Downloads section.

    Blizzard Wow Team also announced a Two-days Extension on your subscription to compensate the downtime caused by the last patch:
    The patch released last Tuesday contained many new features, content, and improvements to World of Warcraft. However, the new patch also contained a few small bugs which caused interruptions in play time for some users. These bugs were quickly identified, and most of them were hotfixed last week. We plan on implementing fixes for the remaining bugs in tomorrow’s maintenance.

    Our team continues to work hard to provide our players with the best play experience possible, and we realize that extended, unscheduled downtime is frustrating. Therefore, all World of Warcraft players will receive a two-day time extension for the downtime caused by last week’s patch. This extension will be added to players’ accounts early this week. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we once again wish you all good luck in your adventures in Azeroth!

    Flagship Studios will launch Hellgate: London site soon

    After few days of excitement, Flagship Studios updated their website with the cover of PCGamer.  Flagship Studios announced the launch of the official website for Hellgate: London will be soon.  Based on the quote from PCGamer, it seems Flagship Studios have many surprises waiting off their sleeve:
    “The heavenly graphics – powered by an engine built in-house, since none of the existing 3D engines could support the game’s level of randomization – will certainly make adventuring in the Hellgate universe an all-new play experience.”

    New Warcraft III Minimap - Full Scale Assult

    In these eternally contested lands, war comes and goes leaving behind death and glory. Strike strategically and fight valiantly till your foes fall and you can hear the snowflakes land on the dead. Victory, at last.

    Download Full Scale Assult a new Bonus map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

    The Art of Storytelling in World of Warcraft

    Chris Metzen speaks with Rob Sachs of Day to Day on National Public Radio about the art of storytelling in videogames. As part of a Day to Day series of personal profiles, Chris talks about his capacity as the creative director of World of Warcraft and of his experiences working at Blizzard Entertainment. Click here for more details and for an audio link to the interview.

    Flagship Studios: Hellgate: London Unveiled !!

    Tricia Gray [new Public Relations Director of Flagship Studios]—informed us of the latest news concerning the game that has undergone almost two-years of development.  Tricia announced the name of the upcoming game and a new article to be published on PC Gamer Magazine.  Read what Tricia forwarded to us:

    Flagship Studios:
    Flagship Studios is pleased to announce that PC Gamer magazine will
    present our first game, “Hellgate: London?”, as the cover story in their
    May issue. It will hit US newsstands during the next two weeks. The PC
    Gamer cover image is now up on our website.

    This game will most likely be available on both PC/Mac computers, for cross-platform compatibility has been a constant equation in their previous games.  It is something we would like to ask Flagship Studios in a future interview.  As mentioned on the FAQ page, Mac will be considered after the game is finished.

    Will your game be available for the Macintosh?
    We are currently focusing all of our energies on creating a great game for the PC and have not yet discussed our long-range plans for support on the Macintosh. We do come from a tradition of supporting the Mac with our games, and we will certainly be keeping such a great, passionate base of gamers in our thoughts as the game progresses.

    Hellgate London is expected to be a successful and popular game—based on their track record of mind-blowing 13 million copies of Diablo? and Diablo II? sold worldwide.

    We wish Flagship Studios luck in their current endeavours, and hope that you keep track of their work. Get PC Gamer(May 2005 Edition) in the next couple of weeks, at a newsstand near you, to find out more.  Click the image for the PC Gamer cover.  More details below:

    Blizzplanet: Wow In-game Lore books

    We just added some of the lore that players can find everywhere in World of Warcraft locations like Southshore, Booty Bay, Scarlet Monastery and Darkshire.  These books contain official lore of past and present of World of Warcraft.  You can read the story of Medivh’s mother as a Guardian of Tirisfal that defeated Sargeras, the story that tells the trolls found the Well of Eternity and evolved with its magics becoming Night Elves in The Two Empires story.  Or the story of how the Titans created Azeroth and the defeat of the Old gods.  We added 22 books of Wow lore for your enjoyment.  You can access the books in our new Wow Lore section at the navigation bar.

    World of Warcraft on National Public Radio

    National Public Radio, heard by millions of listeners across the country, recently profiled World of Warcraft on air and online. Reporter Robert Holt gave World of Warcraft a rave review on the program All Things Considered, and wrote a follow-up review on the NPR website. Go here to read the review, which claims that World of Warcraft is the best of all MMORPGs. You can also find a clip from the recently-aired All Things Considered segment via the web review.

    EA blames Wow for 13% Quarterly Share drop

    Reuters—EA Games blamed their quaterly losses on the success of World of Warcraft, GTA and Halo 2; and weak performance of older games and shortages of game consoles that spur new game sales.  EA reported a share drop of 13% on Q4.  P.J. McNealy, an American Technology Research Analyst said: “It certainly doesn’t bode well for the rest of the sector”.  That translates to questioning that . . .  if a colossus like EA Games is facing trouble, all other smaller developers in the game industry might have serious losses. You can read more Here

    Swingin Ape Studios: Senior Engine Programmer

    Yet, another new job opening for Swingin’ Ape Studios, Blizzard-assigned developer of Starcraft: Ghost.  They are looking for a Senior Engine Programmer.  This really makes me speechless.  Why would they want a Engine Programmer?  Are they rebuilding the game from scratch?  Are they upgrading the engine to support Multiplayer?

    Senior Engine Programmer

    We’re looking for a talented engine programmer with at least 3 years of professional game coding experience and a minimum of 2 years of hands-on experience writing efficient core engine code (directly to hardware, not through 3rd-party APIs). Strong math skills are required.

    We are interested in candidates who have the demonstrable ability and passion to develop high-quality games, and who have a strong desire to work in a team environment. Must be a U.S. citizen, or possess the right to work in the United States. If you have all of the requirements listed above along with the desire to be part of an extremely talented and hard working game development team, send us your resume today!

    Read the Contact info below if you wish to send your resume and demo.

    New Patch Today!

    At 5:00 AM PST, Blizzard will initiate the Scheduled Maintenance and the new promised Content patch will be released.  Dire Maul and two outdoor raid bosses: Azuregos(in Azshara) and Lord Kazzak(Tainted Scar in Blasted Lands) will be available.  Meeting Stones located near Instance zone-in will now make it easy to search and find a group.  Dungeon group caps are introduced.  Most dungeons will only have 10 players maximum cap, except Onyxia at 40 and Blackrock Spire with 15 raid players.  Diremaul will have a cap of only 5 players.  There is an extensive Patch note with all the new additions, and bug fixes.

    Starcraft: Ghost going Multiplayer?

    A new job position for a Level Designer was announced by Swingin Ape Studios, who is leading the development of Starcraft: Ghost with supervision of Blizzard’s Rob Pardo & Chris Metzen. The job position highlights Multiplayer level design a plus.  Seeing as all Blizzard games have multiplayer features, it is no surprise that Blizzard could be considering multiplayer in Starcraft: Ghost for console gamers.

    After the sudden leave of Nihilistic from the project, Blizzard assigned Swingin Ape Studios to follow up development of Starcraft: Ghost few months ago(July 7, 2004).  Although Blizzard has not officially confirmed Multiplayer features for Starcraft: Ghost,  the job opening may suggest that Blizzard and Swingin’ Ape Studios are studying the possibility of adding Multiplayer capabilities to the Console game.  The previous game by Swingin’ Ape Studios was Metal Arms—featuring 7 Multiplayer modes.

    Few days ago, we informed that Gamesindustry.biz’s Starcraft: Ghost interview with Paul Sams—Blizzard Vice President of Business Operations—mentioned that they seek multiplayer capabilities to all their future games; indirectly implying that the same applies for this console game. 

    Gamesindustry interview excerpt
    “Paul Sams:  We want to continue to create great singleplayer product, but that has incredible, compelling multiplayer play that has competitive components. We think that that is another element of the future that we really want to focus on , and we think that we’ve done a pretty decent job at it so far.”

    Let’s cross our fingers!  We have the Job Opening for you to read …

    Diablo II: New Fan Art Competition

    Blizzard announced a brand-new Diablo Fan Art contest with spectacular prizes with up to 10 winners.  Make sure to click the rules page when you read the announcement.  This leave me wondering if Blizzard North is soon to make an announcement of their unveiled Game in progress. Hmm …

    ” Blizzard Entertainment is proud to announce our first Diablo Fan Art Competition. Starting 3:00 P.M. PST on Friday, March 18, through 12:00 P.M. PST on Monday, April 18, we will be accepting submissions for our Diablo Fan Art Competition. The time has come for all you artists to unleash your inner demon and show us just how awesome your artistic talents truly are. All you have to do is draw any monster from the Diablo universe in a recognizable scene from the world of Sanctuary and submit your work via the Fan Art Submission form. The artwork of the 10 winners will be displayed on the Blizzard.com fan art webpage, Battle.net, the Areat Summit, and the Blizzard.com home page! We will be giving away a massive amount of rare loot as well, including a limited edition Diablo lithograph, the Diablo Battle Chest, Diablo action figures, books, and more! So, conjure up the most hellish artistic talents that lurk inside of you and get to it!”