Wow Reaches 4 Million Customers

Blizzard Entertainment?, Inc. today announced that World of Warcraft?, its subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), has reached more than one million paying customers in North America. This brings the total population for Blizzard?s critically acclaimed game, the largest MMORPG in the world, to more than four million paying customers. You can read more by checking out this press release.

Goblins: Not a Playable Race?

Many fans are anticipating Goblins to become a playable race in World of Warcraft Expansion.  A comment by Fangthooth, however, suggests that i might not be so:

” Goblins, while being very cool, are in it for the Gold. If they chose either the Horde or Alliance, they would lose out on 50% of their profits. It is better for them to stay neutral and make more money, than choosing a side and slaying potential customers”

Of course, we are listening to this from a Murloc, ahem.  If Goblins ever made it to be a playable race, I imagine it would be a new faction that plans to dethrone the Princes of Trade or one of the Prince of Trades seeking to purify Undermine of the evil and black markets threatening his nation.  The Goblin Princes of Trade are very powerful, each with their own army and trade outposts.  Some delve into black market, and many goblins are known to have joined the Shadow Council and Twilight Hammer Sects.

Lorekeeper of Norgannon

We have added the Wow in-game lore: Lorekeeper of Norgannon given when you defeat the Norgannon watcher in the instance of Uldaman.  At the end, you get access to the Uldaman Discs which tell a lot of lore about the origin of the Dwarves and Troggs, and the bases of the Titans.  Besides Uldaman there are two other Titan bases in Azeroth:  Ulduar in Northrend and Uldum in Tanaris, Kalimdor.  You can find out more about Uldum and Ulduar here.

Special thanks to Varghoss from

Thunderaan Movie

Adam has added the Thunderaan Movie to the XFire Peer-to-Peer Network.  Waz from the Fortis Guild in Kel’Thuzad server created a short movie showing one of the few Thunderaan summonings performed in the Test Realm.  After the fight, the player loots the Windseeker Sword and duels a player to show the proc animation which engulfs the opponent in a tornado, slowing down his movement and attack rate.  Download it now at our Wow Movie section

Caydiem: Blizzard teams focus

Caydiem made an explosive statement after a fan ranted about paying $15 a month to have new Wallpapers, Dressing Rooms and Trading Cards invoking Blizzard to Focus on what players need.  This was a very important statement that clears up that Blizzard is not made of a single entity.  Blizzard is divided in different departments and each focus on different aspects of the game, while other departments aren’t in-game related, like Web Designers, Marketing, etc

Caydiem: “It’s a darn good thing the Web Team (that updates you with important information when there’s information to give, and also happens to work on the wallpapers), Server Team (not developers, but technicians who release new realms based on capacity needs—and yes, we did need them), and Upper Deck (the fine folks developing the CCG) aren’t responsible for new content, then, hm?

The designers have been and continue to work on new content. The Dressing Room feature, while not appealing to you, perhaps, is something that many people asked for. The class designers are hard at work on the classes. The dungeon designers are busy with their latest project. The list goes on. We have separate teams for separate portions of the game, and all are working on their appropriate chunk o’ game.

You are paying $15 a month to access the World of Warcraft game, at the heart of it—and we are working to improve said game, but the class designers are not spending their days working on wallpapers. The dungeon designers didn’t take time out of their day to make the Dressing Room feature. The server technicians are constantly working on improving realm performance”

Bonus Map - Banewood Bog

New Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne Bonus map available from Blizzard: “This land is truly cursed. Rivers of poison, filled with demonic bile, eat away at the earth. Ancient wyrms, terrible and great, slumber quietly within the mire. Perhaps you know of a dragon slayer, jobless, up for hire.”

Official Wow Movie Contest

Blizzard announced the official BlizzCon World of Warcraft Movie Competition, sponsored by NVIDIA! Blizzard is looking for some talented players to create a movie using in-game footage and combined with music from any of Blizzard’s past games. Blizzard is accepting submissions beginning Thursday, September 8.  Five winners will receive an NVIDIA? GeForce? 6800 Ultra, two tickets to BlizzCon, and much more.

New Undead Wallpaper

Blizzard released a new World of Warcraft Wallpaper  featuring the Plaguelands and a Undead Ghoul.  Nice coloring for your desktop

CVG Interviews Shane Dabiri: Hero Classes

Computer and Video Games conducted a Q&A with World of Warcraft Producer Shane Dabiri concerning patch 1.7 and upcoming content.  It seems Hero Classes are near, finally:

“What’s happening with Hero Classes? What can you tell us about these, what can we expect to see here?

Shane Dabiri: We can tell you that Hero classes are at the top of our priority list and we’ve already begun work on them. However, there really isn’t anything concrete we can say at this time except that they are a priority for us and we’ll reveal more when the time is right.”

Thanks Bluesnews

Pets Abilities introduced in Patch 1.7

Hunters get some love in the upcoming patch 1.7—as revealed by Caydiem, Wow Community Manager:

All right, folks, here’s something that should lift your spirits. The following are the pet customization changes in the 1.7 patch.

You can now train your pet in passive abilities such as increased Armor, Stamina, Fire Resistance, Nature Resistance, Shadow Resistance, Frost Resistance, and Arcane Resistance using their training points.

In addition, there are specialized abilities for certain types of pets:

  • Bats, Owls, and Carrion Birds can now learn the Screech ability, a fast, single-target attack that also lowers the attack power of all enemies within melee range of the pet.
  • Cats can now learn the Stealth ability. In addition to being unseen, they receive a damage bonus for their first attack coming out of Stealth.
  • Scorpids can now learn Scorpid Poison. This poison deals Nature damage over time and stacks up to five times on a single enemy.
  • Wolves can now learn Furious Howl. The howl adds a flat amount of damage to all nearby party members’ next attack (within 15 yards).

The training point costs for all pet abilities have been rebalanced, and Growl is now free for all pets. You can untrain your pet’s training points from any Pet Trainer in the major cities for a fee. Similar to talent respecs, untraining a specific pet scales up as you do it more times: 10s, 50s, 1g, 2g, 3g, etc… capping at 10g.

Hunter pets will now gain experience based on the level difference between them and their target, rather than the difference between the Hunters and their target. This will make it much easier to level up a low level pet. You will still need to kill creatures from which the Hunter can gain experience, however.

And lastly—as a comment to an annoying issue for many—you can adjust the autocast status of skills with that option in the spellbook.

The designers are looking into further customization, but this is what is coming for 1.7. smile

Starcraft & Broodwar Patch 1.13c

Blizzard released Starcraft and Broodwar patch 1.13c which addresses a couple of bugs introduced by the previous patch.  You can download the patch for PC, Mac OS 8.6-9.2 and Mac OS X at the following link.

  • Fixed a bug involving zerg buildings.
  • Fixed a bug related to minimap unit ordering during replays.

Unreleased Content List

We have added an unofficial list of Non-released Content of World of Warcraft and some lore behind them taken from Warcraft novels and Warcraft RPG books.  The listing is meant to be informative concerning upcoming zones and instances, and is meant to encourage fans to read Warcraft Novels and RPG books.  The list was originally posted in the Wow Forums and seen by over 100,000 viewers.  After updating the information, I exceeded the character limit of the forums, so it was now added permanently in this website.  If you find a mistake or consider something is wrong in the list, don’t hesitate contacting us at the Submit News section.

Brood War added to the ESL

The ESL (Electronic Sports League) has picked up StarCraft: Brood War for their German Pro Series. The ESL polled the community, and StarCraft was voted in last week. StarCraft joins Warcraft III in this series,  For more information about the ESL and the Pro Series, please visit the ESL’s Web site.

6 New Screenshots

Blizzard has realized Six new screenshots of Starcraft: Ghost.  It will be interesting to find out what Blizzard has to say in BlizzCon.  It could be the opportunity to reveal the release date.

Xfire 1.44 Now Available

Xfire version 1.44 is now available, and it includes improvements to *BETA* person to person voice chat, dragging and dropping of groups in the friends interface, a CS:S infoview game skin, and more. Read all the details and then login to be automatically updated.  Download Xfire 1.44 here

Blizzplanet uses XFire peer-to-peer closed servers to transfer big files such as movies. Players can chat and browse servers as well. Enjoy!

World of Warcraft Trading Cards Game

Blizzard has announced partnership with Upper Deck Entertainment to bring World of Warcraft trading cards game players nationwide. The Trading Cards Game will be available the first quarter of 2006, players will be able to build their decks and attend events that let them challenge Onyxia, or raid Molten Core in an attempt to defeat Ragnaros with the hopes of getting powerful Epic cards. Visit for more details on the card-based game.  Upper Deck will offer special Foil cards.

World of Warcraft Game Trading Cards

Blizzard has announced partnership with Upper Deck Entertainment to bring World of Warcraft to trading card game players nationwide. The Game Trading Cards will be available the first quarter of 2006, players will be able to build their decks and attend events that let them challenge Onyxia, or raid Molten Core in an attempt to defeat Ragnaros with the hopes of getting powerful Epic cards. Visit for more details on the card-based game.  Upper Deck will offer special Foil cards.

Zul’Gurub: Hakkar Screenshot

We got a screenshot of Hakkar the Soulflayer from Zul’Gurub.  The Test Servers are now open providing patch 1.7.0 for any fan who wishes to copy their character for a hands-on on Zul’Gurub and Arathi Basin Battlegrounds.  Check out the screenshot here.  Additionally, the new Paladin set Zandalar Freethinker

Thanks to [email protected]

Patch 1.7.0 LIVE on Test Servers

Blizzard Test Servers are now live.

The Public Test Realms are live! Players can now experience, and help us test, all the changes and additions coming in patch 1.7, including a new raid dungeon, a new battleground, and many other exciting features.

Players can participate in the test realms by creating a character or by copying their characters from existing realms to the test realms. Those who have previously copied their characters to the test realms will need to do so again, as all previous characters have been removed from the previous test realms. To copy your character and to download the test client, visit our Test Realm Character Copy page. Only players who created their accounts before August 2 will be able to login to the public test realms. Also, players will not be able to log in to the public test realms if they have changed their password since August 16.

Please be aware that the test realms are there to allow us to test major content patches before the patch goes public. Therefore, some changes may be introduced to the public test realms before a patch goes live, and some changes may be introduced to the patch after the test realms have closed. To read more about the test realms, please review the Test Realm FAQ. We truly appreciate our players taking the time to help us test the latest changes to the game; thank you all!

Patch Notes

Test Realm FAQ

BlizzCon Goodies Announced

Blizzard has announced the Goodies to be given to fans going to BlizzCon.  If you thought BlizzCon was too dry for the ticket cost, then the Goodies may rise some grin to few who paid for the tickets:

  • World of Warcraft In-Game Pet
  • Beta-Test Access Code
  • BlizzCon T-Shirt
  • BlizzCon Playing Cards
  • BlizzCon Souvenir Show Guide
  • Other Goody-Bag Item Souvenirs


Zul’Gurub Underway

Tigole, Quest Designer, has revealed some important details concerning Zul’Gurub, to be released in patch 1.7.0:

As many of you know, the Dungeon and Raid team has been working on a zone called Zul’Gurub for quite some time now. We’re deep into the playtesting phase of the zone and are currently iterating on a few final boss encounters. The majority of the encounters have been “locked out” and are ready to go. Itemization of the zone is complete and the zone is fully quested.

I wanted to take a minute to talk about the intended “goal” of the zone. Zul’Gurub is often referred to as a “casual raid zone”. But I think the term “casual” can at times be misleading. Rather than get hung up on the semantics of “casual” versus “hardcore” I think it’s best if everyone understands Zul’Gurub’s place in the overall zone and dungeon flow of World of Warcraft.

Zul’Gurub is intended to fit in somewhere between Upper Blackrock Spire and Molten Core. Zul’Gurub only requires 20 people compared to the 40 it takes to do Molten Core or Blackwing Lair. This lower raid cap contributes to the zone being deemed more “casual”, as it takes less organization to get 20 people together than it does for 40.

Another goal of the zone is that it can be completed relatively quickly. Once the zone is mastered, raids will be clearing it in under 2 hours.

Now what I just said can be a little misleading. I know that a signifcant number of people are going to read it as “I can clear Zul’Gurub in under two hours.” But the important thing about what I said is that those fast clearing times will happen once the zone has truly been mastered. Even though the zone is referred to as “casual”, there is still a learning curve to it. The encounters in Zul’Gurub are challenging and require good coordination and skill. The encounters will also be tuned assuming raid groups DON’T have Molten Core or better loot. What this means for well-equipped, hardcore raiding guilds is that they will find the zone to be fairly easy.

The coolest thing about Zul’Gurub, in my opinion, is it allows everyone to have the chance to see some of the coolest parts of the raiding experience—highly scripted boss encounters. There are a LOT of bosses in Zul’Gurub and a lot of time has been put into making all of those fights unique and challenging. I think players of all playstyles will find the zone fun

Dire Maul Hot Fix

Dire Maul chests has been temporarily disable to avoid exploiting and server crashes in all realms.  Patch 1.7.0 will addres the issue permanently.

A hotfix has been applied to all realms that disables all chests in Dire Maul. This was done to stop cheating players from exploiting the chests, which was resulting in realm instability and instance crashes for all legitimate players on multiple realms. A more permanent fix will be applied in Patch 1.7. This permanent fix will allow us to reinstate the chests.

Please note that only the normal treasure chests were disabled; this hot fix should not affect tribute runs

Nazjatar Ascent

Blizzplanet is a strong supporter of Blizzard pocketbooks and RPG Books.  Chris Metzen is the father of the Warcraft Lore.  Many fans do not know what most of the RPG Books are about.  Although they are based on D&D / D20 system—it was Chris Metzen who worked on the RPG Books as Creative and Rules Design Assistant besides additional content provided by him.  Therefore, the RPG Books are 100% Warcraft Lore.  There is a great deal of info revealed by Chris Metzen in the RPG Books, that can’t be found on the Official Website.  I personally own all the RPG books and Pocketbooks, and I want to share a glimpse of what Warcraft RPG: Shadow & Light has to offer fans.

Shadow & Light provides details of the Ancients, Dragon Aspects, Elemental Lords, and also information on how the Elemental Plane looks like.  Each have its own illustration and drawings, including the Titans and Elemental Lords.  One of the prelude stories shown in between sections reveals a small story set after Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, nearing the time-frame of World of Warcraft.  The story reveals how a group of Alliance soldiers and a Shadowhunter Troll prepared for seven years the ascension of Nazjatar from the depths of the Maelstrom with a device that would make the land rise above the water.  Their goal … to kill Azshara.

Read the story Nazjatar Ascent
Get Warcraft RPG: Shadow & Light PDF format

Wow Music: Leipzig Symphonic Concert

As reported few months ago, World of Warcraft music will be played on Wednesday by the Prague Filharmonic Orchestra during the Game Music Symphony Concert in Leipzig, Germany.  The tickets sold out within few days of the Concert announcement as we mentioned back on June 16.  The link provides the full listing of game songs to be played.

I contacted Jason Hayes, and he told me that he arrived last night at Leipzig, Germany.  He is preparing for the Concert, and having fun.  Hopefully, he will provide Blizzplanet some photos and material of his experience in the concert.  For all our fellow fans that paid the tickets and are going to Leipzig, we want to inform that Jason Hayes will be signing autographs.  If you got your Wow Collector’s Edition, poster, or other World of Warcraft and Warcraft III product, feel free to bring it to the concert for an autograph.

2005 GC: Game Music Symphony Concert
Date: Aug 17, 2005 at 8:00pm CET
Location: Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany

Additionally, reveals that the 2005 Symphonic Game Music Concert will once more be enriched by an autograph session with famous game composers. Chris Huelsbeck (Giana Sisters, Turrican, Star Wars: Rogue Leader), Rob Hubbard (Human Race, International Karate, Nemesis the Warlock), Jason Hayes (StarCraft, Diablo, World of WarCraft) and Gustaf Grefberg (Enclave, Knights of the Temple, Chronicles of Riddick) have confirmed their attendance. Tthe autograph session will be accompanied by a video game music CD sale from synSoniq.

Join Jason Hayes’ Community Forum

BlizzCon: New Game Announcement

George Wang, from Blizzard Public Relations, told CNN of a new game announcement to be made at BlizzCon:

Blizzard expects up to 6,500 guests at BlizzCon, thanks in large part to the staggering worldwide success of “World of Warcraft”. Over 3.5 million people pay $12.99-$14.99 per month to play the game. In addition to the opportunity to chat with the makers of the game and attend a concert, attendees will be the first to see what’s next for Blizzard.

“We’re going to be showing off a new product we haven’t announced yet,” said Wang. (And for those thinking it’s the long-rumored unveiling of “Diablo 3” or “Starcraft 2,” get ready for a letdown. Wang said the announcement will be linked to “World of Warcraft”.)

Jason Hayes Interview at WowVault.IGN

WowVault from IGN, interviewed Jason Hayes—Blizzard Music Composer about his role in World of Warcraft’s music.  You can join Jason Hayes’ Forum Community here

WoW Vault: What tools and instruments do you use to create your music?

I generally use Emagic’s ?Logic? software on a Mac workstation, and have 3 PC computers on the side that act like instruments, because I run a software program called “Gigastudio” on them. This software basically turns each PC into a powerful sampler. Into each of the Gigastudio computers, I load instruments from various libraries, such as: * Miroslav Vitous Symphonic Orchestra (for solo instruments- especially winds- and some percussion) * Peter Siedlaczek’s Advanced Orchestra * Garritan Orchestral Strings * Vienna Symphonic Library

…And some others, too. Just lately, I’ve also been using the “EXS24” software sampler, which allows you to load in many of the same types of instruments directly in Logic on the Mac, which is very convenient because everything is located within the same environment, and you avoid the complication of all the extra cables smile

I?ve also had the good fortune to record with live orchestra and choir a few times, which is a real joy! Most recently, I recorded with the 80-voice Long Beach University Chorus for the World of Warcraft Intro movie, and they sounded absolutely beautiful.

Another tool I find very helpful is a small digital voice recorder, which I?ll carry around with me to sing ideas into when I?m away from the studio. It?s a great way to get in touch with the creative side of yourself, because a roomful of gear can sometimes feel a little oppressive when you?re trying to be imaginative.

Diablo II Accounts Closed

Blizzard has just closed more than 36,000 accounts for cheating on More than 28,000 CD keys tied to these accounts have been disabled from Realm play on for one month, and more than 3,000 CD keys have been permanently disabled from Realm play due to repeat offenses. Players should check out and read the FAQ for details on Blizzard’s anti-cheating procedure. As a reminder, the news window that Diablo II players see after logging in has had a long-running warning against the use of hacks, clearly indicating that if Blizzard detects that cheating is taking place, the offending accounts may be closed without notice and the CD keys tied to these accounts may likewise be disabled without notice. The account closures reflect Blizzard’s zero-tolerance policy against cheating, as well as their effort to prepare the Realms for the new ladder season. Blizzard: “We appreciate the support of the thousands of legitimate Diablo II players in helping us keep a secure and fun place to play Blizzard games”.

New Warcraft Classic Mp3

Blizzard released a music soundtrack selection from old early Warcraft games.  Download the Classic soundtrack here