Community BlizzCon Coverage

Here we have some BlizzCon Coverage material available at fellow fansites:

  • Our buddies at Wow.Stratics let us know of their BlizzCon Coverage with some screenshots of the event.
  • Athalus and WCRadio Team are starting to upload some screenshots, and BlizzCon video downloads will be ready by Tuesday.  For now, Fans can watch some photos of the WCRadio Team with the Gorgeous model disguised as Nova.


Blizzplanet: BlizzCon Day One Preview

Blizzard Entertainment made great revelations about their upcoming expansion World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade and Starcraft: Ghost throughout BlizzCon Event.  We wrote a preview of what happened at Blizzcon on Day One, and added some extra info that might be of interest to the fans.  We added the screenshots of the BlizzCon’s Expansion Video Trailer

Blizzcon: 1up hands-on

1up wrote an intersting hands-on preview of Starcraft: Ghost which they played at BlizzCon.  There are many interesting things about playable zerg and gaming dynamics in Multiplayer.

As noted, from our playtime, the Zerg feel a bit more fun than the Terrans—probably because the Terrans are more straightforward (seemingly to ease new players in), and also because the Zerg are so damn fast. It’s a bit difficult to shoot a zergling enemy because they zip around so fast, and when you’re a zergling, it’s relatively easy to run up to someone and just start tearing into them. Hydralisks don’t move as fast as the zerglings, but spitting poison quills (which mess up Terran vision) is pretty cool, and if you score enough kills, you can run’n’gun by playing as the infected marine. Finally, the mutalisk is fun to play, but is also an “advanced” character since it can fly, and there’s a bit of a learning curve to flying (you push in the analog sticks to control ascent and descent).

BlizzCon Movie Contest Winner

BlizzCon Movie Contest set a winner movie :  “The Return: A Warcraft Saga”.  I watched it on the live WCRadio Videostream and it just looks awesome.  You can download it here.  Additionally, Return was Nominated for “Mackie” awards at the Machinima Film Festival 2005 in the categories of Best Direction, Best Writing, Best Editing and Best Off-the-Shelf Machinima.

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Starcraft: Ghost—Zerg playable

Blizzard just announced in the live videostream that Starcraft: Ghost will have playable Zerg characters in the Multiplayer mode:

  • Zergling
  • Hydralisk
  • Mutalisk
  • Infested Terran

We will get you more details when it becomes available.  This info came straight from Mike Morhaime—president of Blizzard Entertainment—in the live videostream held by WCRadio

Wow: Burning Crusade Website Open

It is official, the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Expansion website is now open.  Take a look at the Video Trailer

Several years have passed since the Burning Legion’s defeat at Mount Hyjal and the races of Azeroth have continued to rebuild their once shattered lives. With renewed strength, the heroes of the Horde and Alliance have begun to explore new lands and broken through the Dark Portal to investigate the realms beyond the known world. Will these heroes find friends or foes? What dangers and rewards lie in wait beyond the Dark Portal? And what will they do when they discover that the demons they thought vanquished have returned to renew their terrible Burning Crusade?

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is the exciting new expansion to Blizzard’s award-winning massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It expands the game by tremendous bounds, adding new races, lands, Battlegrounds, professions and items, and more. Here is just a partial list of what you can expect from the World of Warcraft expansion:

  • An increase in the level cap to 70
  • Two new playable races, including the magical Blood Elves
  • New starting zones in Quel’Thalas and beyond
  • The entire new continent of Outland, reachable through the
    Dark Portal

  • Many new high-level dungeons to explore in Azeroth,
    Outland, and elsewhere

  • New flying mounts in Outland
  • Many new and dangerous monsters, including epic world

  • Hundreds of new quests
  • Hundreds of new items
  • A new profession: Jewelcrafting
  • Socketed items

Cast your Vote on Starcraft

Earlier this month we posted information about StarCraft’s nomination to the Walk of Game.  StarCraft is now in the running to receive a distinguished steel star on this Metreon landmark. However, the competition is understandably close, as some of the greatest games and game characters of all time are among the nominees. Voting will end on October 31, so we would like to take one more opportunity to ask you to visit the site and cast your vote for the nominees you feel are most deserving of this rare honor.

WCRadio Videostream from BlizzCon will broadcast Live Videostream from BlizzCon through October 28-29. For that matter, Athalus is going to run a test in preparation for tomorrow’s BlizzCon Day 1 Coverage where you can watch developer panels discussing everything about World of Warcraft and Starcraft: Ghost.

UPDATE: Seems the test failed. It wont be a peer to peer broadcast pitifully. He can only serve around 700 people. If you have a relay with 100mbits and ability to relay .wma

contact [email protected]—hes planning to distribute DVDs and can arrange advertising in the live stream and DVD credits for whoever is able to give a hand .

This time you can only use Windows Media Player 10—no other software required. Go to FILE > OPEN URL and type:


Starts October 28 and 29 around 12pm EST / 9am PST

If your WMP 10 is buffering like crazy go to tools -> options -> performance and set buffer to 60+ seconds

For more info visit WCRadio BlizzCon website

Live tournament coverage from the show floor will begin promptly on Friday at 10:00 AM and then again, for the second and final day of BlizzCon, on Saturday the 29th at 10:00 AM. You can keep up with all of the action at the sites below!

For video coverage:
For audio coverage: (WINAMP)

Wow: The Board Game Pre-Order Promotion

Board Game collectors will now have a new project to feast on.  Fantasy Flight Games announced a Pre-Order promotion of World of Warcraft: The Board Game where you can choose one of various Limited-Edition Bronze Figures

Blizzard and Fantasy Flight Games revealed a special Pre-Order promotion that will only be available through Bricks and Mortar Retail Stores near you.  Online Stores Do Not apply to this Pre-Order Promotion.  You need to actually go to your local store.

If your local store doesn’t have the Promotion offer, please tell your retail owner to contact Daniel Clark at FFG, either via e-mail ([email protected]) or telephone at (651) 639-1905 x102—so that your local Bricks and Mortar Retail is able to pre-order it for you.

World of Warcraft players can now pre-order World of Warcraft: The Board Game from either the Fantasy Flight online store, or their friendly, local brick-and-mortar game store. By preordering, players will receive an exclusive bronze figurine of the character of their choice (while supplies last) and a gorgeous poster of a map of Lordaeron, the region in the world of Warcraft where the board game takes place. For more information about the board game and the pre-order promotion, check out the World of Warcraft: the Board Game web site.

BlizzCon Event Schedule and Floor Plan

Have a look at the BlizzCon Event Schedule for a complete list of all the activities lined up for BlizzCon through October 28-29, as well as the times and locations at which they’ll be taking place. In addition, you can check out the BlizzCon Floor Plan to get a sense of how to navigate your way from one attraction to the next.

Jonathan Davis of Korn at BlizzCon!

World of Warcraft player Jonathan Davis—Vocals and Bagpipe of Korn—fresh off a European tour to promote the band?s upcoming album See You on the Other Side (, will be the judge of the BlizzCon Original Song Contest sponsored by Creative Labs and FilePlanet. The five songs that receive the most votes will be played live for BlizzCon attendees during the Cocktails and Contests event, which starts at 7:00 PM PDT at the Anaheim Convention Center this Friday. JD will choose the grand prize winner, who will receive an autographed Ibanez K7 guitar and Creative GigaWorks ProGamer G500 speaker system.

Wow RPG: Monster Guide Announced!

White-Wolf has announced an upcoming RPG book to display most of World of Warcraft monsters and denizens to be up to date with the current MMO setting.  The World of Warcraft RPG: Monsters Guide is coming on sale very soon.  Additionally, a release date for both Alliance Player’s Guide and Horde Player’s Guide was revealed:

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

Can’t find the Manual of Monsters? Feeling like it doesn’t do today’s Warcraft critters justice? Well, no worries, for in a few short months you can get your hands of the World of Warcraft RPG Monster Guide!

I’m pretty excited about this book, as I’ve wanted to do a new monster book for a long time. The Monster Guide is your one-stop spot for monsters in the WoW RPG. Here’s some publicity-type info:

Brave Azeroth?s Denizens
The undead Scourge dominates Lordaeron and Northrend. Servants of the insidious Burning Legion summon demons. Naga strike from the depths, and troggs burst from dark places beneath the surface. To carve your name into legend, you must match swords, wits, skill, and spell with these and hundreds of other creatures.

A sourcebook for the World of Warcraft Roleplaying Game?
? Over 200 monsters for use in your World of Warcraft Roleplaying Game.
? Many monsters suitable for player character races, such as blood elves, Dark Iron dwarves, naga, and pandaren.
? Includes descriptions and statistics for some of Azeroth?s key villains, such as Baron Geddon, Illidan Stormrage, Lord Kazzak, and Onyxia.
? Includes full rules on monster abilities, on improving monsters, and on using monsters as heroes and villains.

You heard it here first, folks! The scheduled release date is March 2006. As we draw closer to it, expect one or two previews of the ToC variety.

Speaking of schedules…

Alliance Player’s Guide: April 2006

Horde Player’s Guide: June 2006

Luke Johnson
WoW RPG Developer

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Wow Patch 1.8.1 released

A small patch was released by Blizzard addressing few Battlegrounds and User Interface issues.  Those expecting patch 1.9 will have to wait.  Blizzard recently announced that the new patch that will introduce Ahn’Qiraj instance for 20 players and 40 players raids will take a bit longer than usual to be released.  In the mean time, below you have minor fixes added to patch 1.8.

Tigole (Quest Designer Jeff Kaplan)
“We’re busy working on Patch 1.9. Patch 1.9 is going to be one of our biggest content updates to date featuring not one, but two raid zones. The Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (20 person raid zone) will be on par with Zul’Gurub in difficulty, perhaps slightly harder (but not by much). The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (40 person raid zone) is absolutely massive, and will be around the same difficulty level of Blackwing Lair. Some of the earlier monsters in the 40 person area might be slightly easier than BWL but as guilds progress to the end, they’ll find a zone on par with BWL.

We’re also hard at work on a pretty epic world event that will lead to the opening of the gates of Ahn’Qiraj. More information will be coming out about this from our community team in the near future. Needless to say, it’s going to be cool =].

Because of the sheer scope of what we’re going to include in 1.9.0 the development cycle might take slightly longer than the 1.8.0 cycle”

Patch Notes below:

BlizzCon: Richard A. Knaak Book Signing

Richard A. Knaak send word that he was invited by TOKYOPOP, & SIMON & SCHUSTER pocketbooks to participate in book signings at BlizzCon in Anaheim, California.  Make sure to bring your Warcraft; Day of the Dragon, War of the Ancients Trilogy or Warcraft Manga, or any other pocketbook for a book signing.

Richard A. Knaak takes the chance to let fans know that War of the Ancients: The Sundering is available in paperback now.  And reminds Diablo II fans that DIABLO: MOON OF THE SPIDER will be out by December 2005, featuring Zayl the Necromancer.  We will have the bookcover artwork soon.

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BlizzCon Will Call Hours Announced

Blizzard announced the will call registration hours for BlizzCon. Registration envelopes will be available for pickup at the registration booth in the Anaheim Convention Center beginning Wednesday, October 26 and continuing to Saturday, October 29. The registration booth is located in the Hall A lobby and is open from 11:00 AM PDT to 7:00 PM PDT on Wednesday and Thursday and from 9:00 AM PDT to 6:00 PM PDT on Friday and Saturday.

Present the credit card used to purchase your online order and receive your BlizzCon badge, souvenir gift card, and concert voucher for any concert tickets you purchased. In order to redeem those concert vouchers for actual concert tickets, you will have to visit the concert window at the Arena Box Office, which is located next to the convention center and is open Thursday from 11:00 AM PDT to 7:00 PM PDT, Friday from 10:00 AM PDT to 10:00 PM PDT, and Saturday from 10:00 AM PDT to 8:00 PM PDT. When you hand in your voucher, you will be given a ticket with an assigned seat. Group seating is not guaranteed, but please note that if you wish to sit with a group of friends, you must all redeem your vouchers together, at the same time

Blizzplanet congratulates our 3 BlizzCon Contest Winners who will get their badges at the Will Call sometime next week.

  • Amyria (Dalaran Realm)
  • Borian (Cenarius Realm)
  • Alumriel (Dragonblight Realm)

Hallow’s End

When the decorations of Hallow’s End light up Azeroth’s cities, you know there’s mischief afoot! Seek special vendors in Orgrimmar or Ironforge and get your hands on treats! Aid a sick orphan in a little trick-or-treating! Deathcaller Yanka, attending the Forsaken’s Wickerman Festival, and Sergeant Hartman of Southshore are seeking your aid in keeping the enemy out of their holiday affairs—are you up to the challenge?

Be sure to visit the In-Game Events page of the Community section for screenshots!

Halloween Contests!

Pumpkin-Carving Contest!
October’s longstanding tradition is upon us! Every year, Blizzard encourages legions of gamers to attack countless pumpkins with sharp utensils in the name of art, and this year is no exception. Take inspiration from any Blizzard game you like and carve your pumpkin in the theme of that game.

Halloween Screenshot Contest!
All Hallow’s Eve is almost upon us, and the inhabitants of Azeroth are reveling in their own frightful festivities! It?s time to polish the lens of your Super Snapper FX and capture those monstrous moments.

Winners of both contests will receive:

  • One Copy of World of Warcraft
  • A six month subscription of “game time” to the World of Warcraft gaming service applied to the World of Warcraft account of their choosing.

BlizzCon: Exhibitors List Revealed

BlizzCon is about more than just the games. It’s also about the hardware, accessories, and gaming lifestyle. The exhibitors we?ve partnered with for BlizzCon will be there to celebrate all aspects of gaming culture. Exhibitors ranging from NVIDIA to Intel to Games for Windows and more will be on hand with their latest gaming products. Come to their booths to see hands-on demonstrations, win prizes and promotions, and purchase their products at the show. Among the exhibitors are Tokyopop, Newegg, Pocketbooks, Western Digital, Logitech, Penny-Arcade, Zboard, Fantasy Flight Games, Brady Games, Creative Labs, and Upperdeck. Click here to view the full exhibitor list.

Warcraft III Bonus Map - Brutal Winter

The unforgiving winter is upon us… a time when resources are scarce and flanks exposed. Call forth the warriors, for there could not be a better time to attack than now. Download Brutal Winter a new Bonus map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

Teamspeex: Voice Chat for Mac OS X

NOTE:  Seems the source has bandwidth problems … and no wonder, every Mac OS X user craves for a Teamspeak compatible Voice Chat client.  Check out later.  Hopefully he finds mirrors.

A programmer has announced an open beta for his new creation named Teamspeex for Mac OS X users.  The product is not related to the Teamspeak developers, but by an independent programmer who got tired of waiting for the Mac OS X version of Teamspeak which has been on hiatus for a year, so he is developing his own version which is compatible with Teamspeak servers.  I suggest running a anti-virus scan just in case, but it seems exciting for the Mac OS X community that needs a Voice chat alternative for their Gaming experience.

Wondering what TeamSpeex is? I?m happy to tell you but first I?ll explain what TeamSpeak is:

TeamSpeak is a Voice over IP program used by alot of gamers to communicate with each other with voice. The TeamSpeak client is available for Windows and Linux users and an official Mac client has been announced more than 1 year ago but there is still no Mac client as of today.. 🙁

So I was tired of waiting and seeing Mac users being left in the dark and not supported by not having a client, up until now ofcourse because (you probably already guessed it) TeamSpeex is a TeamSpeak client for Mac OS X!

I named it TeamSpeex because it only supports the Speex codec. smile It is fully compatible with existing TeamSpeak servers, and with PC and Linux users.

BlizzCon: Fundraising for Wow Radio

We are just below 2 weeks from BlizzCon.  I ask all Blizzplanet visitors to please consider donating via PayPal to Wow Radio.  What Athalus is pulling off is a Live Peer-to-Peer Videostream from BlizzCon where fans can benefit of watching and listening to the Dev Panels talk about the World of Warcraft Expansion and Starcraft: Ghost.  You will be able to watch fans playing the Expansion at BlizzCon.  The donations are to help Athalus buy a Canon XL2 Video Camera for the Live transmission.  He already paid out of his pocket some $4,000 in a high-end computer with the sole purpose of high-speed video transmission.  If you have a reputable Business and wish to buy Advertising space from both the Live videostream and Wow Radio website and future radio shows, you are welcome to donate in exchange of Advertising space.  Read the official BlizzCon news concerning this video coverage.

If you have no Business, you can still donate via Paypal to Wow Radio at the following link:

You can also buy the official Wow Radio T-shirt to help the fundraising:

Or the Wow Radio Store:

Alert: Emeriss Green Dragon Removed

This alert is announced to fans so that time is not wasted transporting to the spawning place.  Emeriss the Green Dragon was removed to hotfix certain issues not disclosed by Blizzard.

Tseric: ” The green dragon Emeriss will be temporarily removed from game, as we work to correct an issue with it. We hope to have the creature returned to it’s ornery self as soon as possible”

However, fans are sharing to others what the cause of this exploit was.  Some fans are saying that the Gnomish Engineering item known as the Shadow Deflector was killing the dragon very fast and certain players were exploiting this in farming-mode to loot a few epic gear.  This is not official,  nor confirmed by Blizzard.

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BlizzCon: Battlegrounds Tournaments

BlizzCon, Blizzard’s inaugural gaming convention, will feature a king-of-the-hill tournament on World of Warcraft’s newest battleground: the Arathi Basin.

Players can join as part of a full pre-chosen team, as a small group, or as an individual in a pickup team. After each match, the players on the winning team will keep their seats while the losing team members give up their bank of computers to the next challengers.

In all, there will be three concurrent matches of Arathi Basin going on all day during both days of the convention. The team that retains its status as Kings of the Basin for the most consecutive wins will face the ultimate challenge on each day of the show: a battle against a team of World of Warcraft developers. In addition, there will be other prizes for teams that win multiple consecutive matches.

For full rules and information, click here.

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Jeff Grubb: Pokemon Figure Game

We are nearing a public interview with Jeff Grubb, concerning Warcraft: The Last Guardian.  The interview will take place at our Forum partner IRC chat.  I will provide details as soon as they become available.  For now, I wanted to tell fans of Jeff Grubb, of his latest project. This may be exciting to some Pokemon Collectors in Europe and Asia, sans-USA.

So, this morning, 1 AM (local time)/10 AM (in Germany), at the Essen Toy Fair, Pokemon-USA announced that it was releasing a new Pokemon Trading Figure Game in Europe and Australia (Not America, yet). At that time, we also announced the web site for the game, at

Did I create this game? No, it was the work of Pokemon TCG creators. Did I do the graphics? Nay, they were the work of Rick, our graphics designer. Did I do the writing? No, that was done through the Marketing Department and edited ably by Mike. Well, how about uploading the entire beast? No, that was done by Eric, our Web Tech Guru.

So what the heck did I do? Monitoring everything that happened, tracking down resources, making corrections, keeping people updated, talking to people, and keeping folk from jumping out of windows as we kept adding features. You know, that management thing.

And I feel pretty accomplished by it all.

More later

If you want to read a funny as heck blog made by Jeff Grubb concerning the theft of his Trash can, go read it here, under October 13-entry.  We also added a new section where you can read a mini-bios and bibliography of Jeff Grubb.

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BlizzCon Sound-Alike Contest

Some lucky BlizzCon-attendees are up for a fun contest at Anaheim Convention Center.  Blizzard has a new contest for the attendees:
“Can you perfectly mimic a whelp’s squeal? Are you a dead ringer for the male Gnome’s voice? Then you just might be a winner in the BlizzCon Character and Monster Sound-Alike Contest! This latest BlizzCon contest is sponsored by Games for Windows and Alienware, and the prizes are out of this world! Five lucky winners will receive Alienware Gaming Notebooks—perfect for playing World of Warcraft on the go! So, if you sound like you belong in Azeroth, let us hear it! Contestants can signup at the show; check the BlizzCon information booth for more details at the event.”

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JOB: Senior Level Designer

Blizzard’s Console Group is looking for a driven, talented and technically savvy level designer to design creative, exciting and cutting-edge levels for StarCraft: Ghost. This person must be a serious video-game addict who loves games and understands how important level design is to the success of any product.

Duties will include designing/developing levels and implementing gameplay scenarios including level layout, event scripting, AI scripting, cut-scene scripting, game balancing and tuning for Xbox, GameCube and PlayStation 2 platforms.

BlizzCon Invitational Pro-Gamers

Blizzard announced the long-awaited list of pro-gamers participating in the BlizzCon Invitational Tournaments. Starting with the Warcraft III tournament list, two players will be announced each weekday on the BlizzCon Invitational Players page. Along with the pro-gamers and their bios, Blizzard will also be announcing the seeding that each participant has received, which will determine whom the first-round opponents will be in these double-elimination tournaments.

Tae Min Hwang
Matthew Anderson
Night Elf

Sarah McKerrigan: Medieval Romance

Glynnys Talken had a lot of fun at her last 2005 public book signing presentation.  She is hard pressed now working on her next Medieval Romance book to be on sale by April 2006 under Warner Publishing.  Glynnis was last weekend—through October 8th and 9th—at the Seaside Scottish Games at Seaside Park in Ventura, California.  You can find at our Store section all the Medieval Romance books written by her.  Glynnis provided us with a photo of her book signing at Seaside Scottish Games.

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BlizzCon: Limited-Edition Items Sale

While the BlizzCon goody bag will have a little something for everyone to take home, attendees might still want some loot to share with friends and guildmates who couldn’t make it to the show. With that in mind, we’ve created a variety of limited-edition items that will make their debut at BlizzCon. Please visit the BlizzCon Merchandise page to check out some of this epic BlizzCon gear. These items will all be produced in limited quantities, so be sure to stop by the BlizzCon Store as early as you can at the show…before someone ninja loots everything out from under you!