Moose on the Loose

Laeni Silvershot: There’s been chatter around the hunters’ lodge about a crazed moose that is terrorizing the basin. I’ve never …read more

Scout it Out

Hemet Nesingwary: You’ve proven that a gnome can shoot a rifle, and that’s no easy feat, but a true test …read more

Moose Shootin’

Hemet Nesingwary: Highmountain is home to wildlife that can’t be hunted anywhere else in the world. Tell me, (name), have …read more

Lion Stalkin

Hemet Nesingwary: The hills are crawlin’ with lions that stalk their prey from afar. These big cats will pounce at …read more

Amateur Hour

Hemet Nesingwary: The hunters’ lodge has attracted a lot of amateurs who call themselves hunters. They’re scaring away all the …read more

Note-Eating Goats

Addle Fizzlebog: I’ve followed Hemet on all his expeditions from Stranglehorn to Nagrand to… Nagrand again, taking notes on his …read more

An Offering of Ammo

Shale Greyfeather: The mountains have seen many new travelers pass through their valleys, some without an understanding of our traditions. …read more

Candle to the Grave

Oenia Skyhorn: These kobolds are taking advantage of the attacks against the Skyhorn tribe. They disturb our graves and steal …read more

The Underking

Lasan Skyhorn: Mayla already chased the Underking into his cave. That is something we tell our children never to do. …read more

The Siegebrul

Navarrogg: Worms do not like battle or the surface. They only go where their master tells them. So. When in …read more

Buy Us Time

Jale Rivermane: We need time to evacuate Snowmane Village. Can you take the fight to these Mightstone drogbar and cull …read more

Battle Worms

Mayla Highmountain: Snowmane Village behind us was caught completely off guard by the scale of this attack. I will hold …read more

The Backdoor

Wrathion: Well, this is no time to overstay our welcome. I found the passageway behind me will take us all …read more