Lore Community: Night Elf Fangs are Canon

The presence of canine fangs have put some fans on red alert. Some players oppose the canine fangs in the Night Elf model, while others support it and welcome it. I am among the supporters. I usually like to hear both sides before reaching a final decision. Other times I keep my opinion to myself. However, in some situations when I do share my personal opinion on a community topic, I like to do some research. …read more


Blizzard Careers: Hearthstone Community Representative

Blizzard Entertainment seeks an energetic Hearthstone Community Representative with emphasis on interacting with players through social media to join the Community Development Team.

Community Representative, Hearthstone
Blizzard Entertainment seeks an outgoing, energetic, …read more


Azeroth Choppers Episode 4

Like every Thursday now, the new episode of Azeroth Choppers has been released !

Time is against Paul JR’s crew and what better way to make it efficient ? By …read more