Warcraft III Cheat Codes

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TenthLevelTaurenChieftainPlays a special song (WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne ONLY)
WarpTenSpeeds construction of buildings and units
IocainePowderFast Death/Decay
WhosYourDaddygod mode
KeyserSoze 10000Gives you 10000 Gold
LeafitToMe 10000Gives you 10000 Lumber
GreedIsGood 10000Gives you 10000 Gold and Lumber
PointBreakRemoves food limit
ThereIsNoSpoonUnlimited Mana
StrengthAndHonorNo defeat
Motherland orc 5 jump to orc mission 5 (choose from 1 to 10)
Motherland human 5jump to human mission #5 (choose from 1 to 10)
SomebodySetUpUsTheBombInstant defeat
Instant victory
WhoIsJohnGaltEnable research
SharpAndShinyResearch upgrades
IseeDeadPeopleRemove fog of war
SynergyDisable tech tree requirements
RiseAndShineSet time of day to dawn
LightsOutSet time of day to dusk
DayLightSavings [time]If a time is specified, time of day is set to that, otherwise time of day is alternately halted/resumed

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Cinematic: The Awakening

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Illidan: Betrayer.  In truth, it was I who was betrayed.
Still … I am hunted.  Still … I am hated.
Now, my blind eyes see what others cannot.

That sometimes the hand of fate must be forced.

—The Sea tides move in rage as Illidan causes a storm and calls out the Naga.  A Naga opens his eyes and swims to the surface along with many other Naga.

Illidan: Now go forth!  Unleash the tides of doom upon all who would oppose us.

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 1: Rise of the Naga

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Location: Azshara Region, Kalimdor

Though the demonlord, Archimonde, and the Burning Legion were finally defeated at the Battle of Mount Hyjal, much of Ashenvale Forest remains tainted by foul, demonic energies. The combined efforts of both the druids and the Sentinels have brought a tenuous peace to the northlands, but dark creatures still lurk within the shadowed woods. In this perilous time, Maiev Shadowsong, the warden who once guarded Illidan?s barrow prison, has come forth to hunt her dangerous prey ? and chain him once again beneath the cold earth.

Maiev: As I suspected, their whole race has gone mad. Slay them all.

Archer: Mistress! The furbolgs have succumbed to the forest?s corruption! It?s as if they?ve lost themselves to mindless rage!

Maiev: Their tribes suffered greatly during the Legion?s invasion. They cannot be saved.

These tracks are fresh, but they split off in opposite directions. Illidan must be getting help from someone.

Watcher Huntress: Your orders mistress.

Maiev: You watchers split up into two parties. Scour the woods,. Find what u can, we?ll met you further. Remember, sisters ? if you find Illidan, do not attempt to take him without the rest of us. He is far too dangerous to tackle alone.

Watcher Huntress: Yes, mistress.

Maiev: The rest of you, follow me.

As Maiev and her forces move through the woods of Azshara, they destroy a wooden door.

Maiev: That village has been razed.

The Demons Trail
Follow Illidans trail
Maiev must survive

Maiev and the Watchers chase Illidan, following his tracks. They arrive to the zone of Azshara, east of Ashenvale. Upon reaching the coast, they find a small village on fire, and boats destroyed.

Archer: The bodies have been mutilated. Do you suppose demons did this?

Maiev: Illidan?s stench hangs heavily over this place, but those tracks were not made by any demons I know of. Be wary my sisters. There?s no telling what horrors Illidan has called to his side.

Maiev: The Legion?s corruption still grips the land.

Maiev: Ambush! The satyrs are attacking! Drive the foul brutes back!

Maiev: So, Illidan sent you foul satyrs to slow us down? He must be getting desperate.

After killing the satyrs that meant to ambush them, Maiev finds a Dryad and a Huntress that were searching ahead the location of Illidan.

Huntress: Mistress Shadowsong! We?re lucky to have found you!

Maiev: Report!

Huntress: My party was attacked by a bloodthirsty Wildkin. Apparently Illidan?s passing drove the creature mad. There?s no telling how many more innocents it might harm!

Maiev: This madness must end! We will find the creature ? and put it down.

Enraged Beast
Slay the Wildkin

Following down the road, near a river, the watchers find a small Elf village on fire.

Maiev: Illidan?s new minions struck here as well. They?re bloodthirsty and fearless, whoever they are.

Shortly, the Watchers find the Enraged Owlbeast that attacked the Huntress? party not long ago.

Maiev: That?s the creature we?re after! Slay it quickly and put it out of its misery.

Enraged Beast

After putting down the Enraged Owlbeast, down the road the Watchers reach another village by the coast, when suddenly an archer sees far in the distance the Naga destroying what is left of the Village.

Archer: There, mistress! Those must be the creatures we?re after.

Naga: Wretched night elves, you are no match for the naga!

Maiev: Naga? Many craven races have tempted our wrath over the centuries. None have survived!

Naga: Wretched woman. We will retake the surface world and put an end to your vile race once and for all.

The Naga and the Watchers engage in combat. Once defeated, Maiev beholds the scene surrounding them.

Maiev: These poor folk were slain just like the others. Illidan has much to answer for. He?ll wish he were still chained in his cell when I get through with him.

Naisha the Huntress: But these wrecks ? Why would they destroy ships?

Maiev: I don?t know. Wait ? he may have taken to the sea. Hurry sisters! The port of Nendis lies to the north. Perhaps there we can find a ship and set sail after Illidan.

Heading northwest along the road they find evidence that the remaining Watchers had fallen prey to the satyrs, but are still alive and held prisoners.

Huntress: Mistress Shadowsong, thank Elune! A band of satyrs captured the rest of my party. The twisted brutes are holding them in the nearby woods.

Maiev: We will find them.

Search and Rescue
Rescue the imprisoned Night Elves

After killing the satyrs, Maiev found a Hermit Furbolg which is slain. From him she gathers some Healing Wards.

Satyr: Bah, night elf Watchers! I knew there were more of them skulking around out there.

Maiev: You will release my warriors immediately.

Satyr: I think not, woman. The master tires of your games. The chase ends here.

With help of Dryads to counter the Satyr magics, the Watchers were able to rescue the remaining archers held prisoners by the satyrs.

Search and Rescue

Heading east through Azshara?s woods, the Watchers find a Demonic Gate blocking access to the town of Nendis. Maiev and her forces destroy the Demonic Gate to access the town.

Maiev: We?re getting close. I smell something vile upon the wind.

Upon entering the town of Nendis, they behold the Naga destroying the ships. The port once served part of the Night Elf fleet in the coast of Azshara.

Naga: Quickly, you fools! The ships must be burned. The master doesn?t wish to be followed.

Maiev: I cannot allow Illidan to escape again! We must slay those naga before they burn the ships.

Naga: You are too late, little warden. The master has already set sail for distant shores. However, he wished to thank you for the hospitality you provided during his imprisonment. He asked us to repay you ? in kind.

Maiev: You?re certainly welcome to try, monster!

Demon?s Trail

Two ships must survive in next two minutes

Ships Remaining: 6

Burning Ships
Save at least two ships
Maiev must survive

After a long fight stopping the Naga from burning all the ships, the Watchers look at the horizon a fleeing Illidan vanishing in the horizon of the sea.

Naisha the Huntress: Mistress, do you believe we can defeat Illidan even if we find him?

Maiev: Illidan has grown powerful: of that, there is no doubt. He consumed the energies of the Skull of Gul?dan. Now he is neither night elf nor demon, but something more.

Archer: Mistress, why would the naga harbor so much hatred for us?

Maiev: We must trust time to reveal all things. Now hurry, Illidan has a considerate lead on us. We must capture him before he causes any more harm.

Maiev and the Watchers aboard the two surviving ships and leave the port of Nendis behind heading deep into the Great Sea.

Ferocious Beasts Furbolgs:
Furbolg Trailblazer lvl 2


Berserk Wildkin(Owlbeast) lvl 8
Wildkin lvl 4

Spitting Spider lvl 3

Illidan?s Naga Forces:
Mur?gul Reaver
Naga Siren
Mur?gul Clam Shucker
Snap dragon

Wild Mur?guls:
Mur?gul cliffrunner

Illidan?s Servitors:
Satyr lvl 1

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 2 - The Broken Isles

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Location: The Broken Isles

The next day, on the shores of a mysterious island chain, Maiev and her Watchers inspect some ancient, yet strangely familiar ruins.

Naisha the Huntress: Mistress, we followed Illidan?s course due east as you asked, but these strange islands do not appear on any of our maps.

Maiev: I suspected as much. These islands must have been formed only recently.

Naisha the Huntress: What makes you say that?

Maiev: The ruins all around us, Naisha ? I recognize them. This was once the great city of Suramar, built before our civilization was blasted beneath the sea ten thousand years ago.

Naisha the Huntress: But how could ? Are you suggesting that these islands were somehow raised from the seafloor?

Maiev: Perhaps, though there are few powers left in the world capable of raising islands from the deeps. Regardless, it?s a mystery we?ll have to solve later. We?d best head inland and set up a base camp. Once we?re situated, we?ll pick up Illidan?s trail.

The Watchers unload the two ships and settle inland.

Maiev: Here, sisters. Let?s establish a base so we can continue our hunt for Illidan.

Locate Illidan

Wisps start rising Ancient Trees building a new grove. After settled, the Naga scouts find the Watchers.

Maiev: Naga! Careful, sisters. There?s no telling what the creatures have in store for us.

Naga: Night elves! Kill them all in the empress? name!

Naga Myrmidon: Land-walkers! Destroy them quickly!

Maiev: More of the vile serpents! Let none survive!

Naga: Ash-thero-sauguine! Ba?anthalso-dorei!

After defeating the first wave of Naga, Maiev and some Archers leave the Watchers Grove to explore the vicinity. Suddenly, Maiev finds an orc hermit.

Maiev: An orc! I smell the stench of demons about him.

Drak?thul: Rest easy, stranger. This old wanderer has no quarrel with you or your kin. I am Drak?thul, once a powerful warlock of the Stormreaver Clan. Now I am the last of my kind.

Maiev: What are you doing here?

Drak?thul: Your pardon, lady, but I am hunted by restless ghosts. They?ve chased me day and night for nearly twenty years. Perhaps if you silence them for me, I will tell you my tale.

Maiev: I?ll consider it.

Silence the Ghosts
Destroy all three Summoning Pits
Return the Skeletal Artifact to Drak?thul

After blinking through the side-walls of the temple outdoors, Maiev finds the location described by Drak?thul.

Maiev: There ? those must be the ghosts the old orc spoke of! They seem to be re-living their last battle. They?re every bit as brutal and bloodthirsty as they were in life.

Maiev closes in to the unsuspecting ghosts. The summoning pits rise the skeletal orcs of the Twilight?s Hammer, Stormreaver and the Blackrock Clans. The demons that twenty years ago had tortured and slain the forces of Gul?dan had created the three summoning pits and powered them with the Skeletal Artifact to punish the orc clans for eternity re-living their agony once and again. The ancient artifact entraps the souls of those who die violently, forcing them to relive the last moments of their lives for eternity. Maiev returned the Skeletal Artifact back to Drak?thul.

Silence the Ghosts

Maiev: The dead will trouble you no more, old orc.

Drak?thul: Thank you, stranger. Now, hear my tale. Nearly twenty years ago, the great warlock Gul?dan raised these islands from the deeps. He sought to unearth an ancient vault that held the remains of the Dark Titan.

Maiev: Sargeras! You speak of the Legion?s creator!

Drak?thul: The same. After Sargeras? defeat, ages ago, his remains were locked away in an undersea tomb. Gul?dan believed that opening the tomb would grant him the Dark Titan?s power. For his pride, he and the rest of our clan were torn to shreds by crazed demons.

I have wandered these isles ever since, haunted by the ghosts of my slaughtered comrades.

Maiev: Your tale is as intriguing as it is dire, Drak?thul. It?s a shame your ghosts lie silent. You deserve far worse than their company for what you set loose in this place.

Upon finishing his tale, the orc hermit Drak?thul rewarded Maiev with a Robe of Magi and returned to his hut. Robe of Magi(250 gold if sold at the shop, Increases the Intelligence of the Hero by 6 when worn).

Returning to her exploration of the Broken Isles, Maiev finds a Goblin Shipyard. Goblins show Maiev their goods for hire: Frigates, versatile attack ships(300g,75w,2F) and offer to build Night Elf Transport Ships, sturdy transport ships capable of carrying 10 of her people through the sea(150g,30W,1F).

Not far away, on another nearby Isle, Maiev finds a Mercenary camp with Stormreaver hermits who would do anything for the right price. They train Giant Sea Turtles and Spider Crab Shorecrawlers and offer them to Maiev as assault-support units.

Far west of the Watchers Grove, on one of the isles Maiev recognizes the area. A place she remembers from the time before the sundering.

Maiev: Great trees once stood in this place, twin aspens called the Boughs of Azshara. To look upon them was to know true peace, true fulfillment. Now they are gone, along with the hopes and dreams of a generation.

By the northwestern corner, on another isle are ruins holding many books and bookshelves. Maiev recognizes the place as well, vividly in her memories.

Maiev: I remember this place. It was once the great Library of Izal-Shurah. There is no knowledge left here, only nightmares and the shadows of regret.

Sailing east, Maiev reaches the shores of the isle where the Tomb of Sargeras is located. There she finds Illidan and his Naga forces.

Maiev: Naga! Their presence here is a sacrilege to nature!

Locate Illidan

Illidan Stormrage: At last! The Tomb of Sargeras is found! You, my trusted servants, must remain here and guard the entrance. If that wretched warden managed to reach this island, she?ll certainly try to follow us.

Naisha the Huntress: Illidan! I knew we?d find him! We?ll have to fight our way through the naga?s defenses in order to follow him!

Maiev: We locked Illidan beneath the earth long ago. I intend to do so again.

Naga Guardians
Kill the Naga guarding the Tomb of Sargeras

Naga Myrmidons and Naga Sirens battle Maiev and her Watcher forces. The fight is long and perilous, but finally Maiev is victorious.

Naga Guardians

Maiev: Now quickly, my sisters! Illidan must be stopped at all costs!

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 3: The Tomb of Sargeras

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Location: The Broken Isles

Moments later, just inside the entrance of the shadowed tomb, Maiev and her Watchers brace themselves for an ambush.

Naisha the Huntress: I have a bad feeling about this, mistress. It?s too quiet. It feels as if we?re walking into a trap.

Maiev: Still, we must press on, Naisha. If Illidan finds whatever it is he?s seeking, he could ? Wait! Look there! Strange ? these are orcish runes! They were written by Gul?dan when he first opened this tomb twenty years ago.

Naisha the Huntress: What do they say?

Maiev: Apparently, he logged his journey through the Tomb?s depths. These runes seem to depict that history.

Maiev keeps reading the runes written in blood on the walls of the inner temple, and flashback memories depict how the white-and-red-garment-dressed bloodlust Shamans of the Stormreaver Clan enter the Tomb of Sargeras temple alongside Gul?dan.

Gul?dan: Quickly, you fools ? fan out and search for the primary passageway! We must reach the Chamber of the Eye before the tomb?s guardians awaken! Spineless cowards! I said move! Now, Sargeras, I will claim whatever?s left of your power ? and bring this wretched world to its knees!

Maiev stops reading the last of the runes on the chamber, and keeps moving along the corridors of the Tomb of Sargeras temple.

Maiev: There?s no telling what Gul?dan and his lackeys awoke in this foul place. We must be cautious.

The Search for Illidan
Find Illidan
Maiev must survive

Illidan?s Nefarious plans have led him deep into the Tomb of Sargeras. You must find the Betrayer and discover what he?s up to.

As Maiev and the Watchers move forward demons and Skeleton warriors start to pour in to attack

Overlord Doom Guard: Turn back, you mortals. None may defile the Tomb of Sargeras!

Maiev and the Watchers defeat the first wave and move forward. Using Blink to move to higher and lower areas or to explore the other side of walls along the pasegeways, Maiev finds a strange object.

Maiev: This is a piece of Gul?dan?s Shadow Orb. He must have shattered it by accident. If we can find the other missing pieces, we could reassemble the Orb and use its powers to aid us.

The Shadow Orb

Find the Shadow Orb Fragments(1 of 10 Found)

This artifact increases in power as you find each of the Fragments hidden in this tomb. This artifact was imbued with special powers by the Orc Shadow Council. It increases your attack damage by 10, Armor by 3 and grants enhanced hit point regeneration.(625g)

To the south of the Temple, an opening in the wall is caved in with rocks. Voices could be heard on the other side.

Maiev: I can hear our comrades? voices from the other side of this barrier! If we destroy it, they??ll be able to get inside and help us hunt for Illidan.

Along their journey through the temple, they find another chamber with Orcish runes written by Gul?dan over the walls.

Maiev: There ? more of Gul?dan?s glyphs! Interesting. They continue the warlock?s tale.

Gul?dan: Blasted, feeble-minded weaklings! They?re all likely dead by now! Still, I must press on. My power alone should be enough to ? That laughter ? Is that you, Sargeras? You seek to mock me? We?ll see who laughs last, demon, when I claim your burning eye for my own!

Naisha the Huntress: Again, he referenced this mysterious ?eye?. What could it be?

Maiev: An artifact, no doubt. It must have contained tremendous demonic power to lure Gul?dan as it did.

Further northwest inside the temple, the tunnels are filled with seawater and coral formations. Many Mur?guls, Sea Giant Turtles and Hydras roam the area. Maiev and the Watchers fight their way through in search of other pieces of the Shadow Orb. When suddenly ?

Maiev: Strange, it?s a statue of Azshara, the great queen of old. She led our people to ruin by consorting with Sargeras and his Burning Legion. Only, I don?t recall her ever having a tail.

Further west of the flooded area, another caved in tunnel revealed more Watcher forces waiting on the other side, trying to get into the temple. Maiev and the Watchers remove the debris letting in two Dryads to join them in their search for Illidan. To the northeast heading east through the flooded chamber, Maiev finds Lady Vashj.

Lady Vashj: You?ve come far enough, little warden. Your vaunted night elf justice has no jurisdiction here.

Maiev: What would you know of us or our justice, naga witch?

Lady Vashj: Why, my dear, we naga were once night elves! We were Azshara?s chosen, the Highborne ? banished beneath the cruel seas when the Well of Eternity imploded around us!

Maiev: Impossible ?

Lady Vashj: Cursed, transformed ? we have waited ten thousand years to retake our rightful place in the world. And now, with Lord Illidan?s help, we shall!

Maiev: Not while I draw breath!

Lady Vashj: Your courage is commendable, but it shall avail you nothing.

Lady Vashj flees away, sealing a barrier behind her to stop Maiev. Shortly, Maiev discovers another caved in passageway. Behind the debris of rocks, voices could be heard. Few Druids of the Claw joined her forces.

Maiev: Destroy that barrier so our forces can join us!

Destroy the rock barriers (Completed)

Your Night Elf brethren have found several passageways that lead into the Tomb of Sargeras. There are only a few rock barriers remaining between Maiev and her warriors. Destroy the rock barriers so she can rendezvous with her troops.

Searching through the corridors and blinking through walls in search of the last remaining pieces of Gul?dan?s Shadow Orb, finally Maiev finds the last piece.

Maiev: Finally, the last piece of the Shadow Orb! Now we?ll use Gul?dan?s own artifact to discover what he could not.

The Shadow Orb

As Gul?dan?s wretched body was ripped to pieces by the Tomb?s Demonic guardians, his most coveted artifact was shattered. The Shadow Orb, the artifact imbued by the Shadow Council itself, was broken into 10 fragments. Locate the missing Fragments, and reassemble the Orb.  With each remnant found, the Orb’s power will increase.

Naisha the Huntress: Look, mistress ? more of Gul?dan?s glyphs.

Maiev: Yes, Gul?dan?s script seems to grow more desperate. It reads that he was ?

Gul?dan: Ambushed ? by the guardians ? I am ? dying. If my servants ? had not abandoned me, I could have claimed the eye and ? Damn you, Sargeras! I won?t be beaten like this! I am Gul?dan! I am darkness incarnate! It cannot end ? like this.

Maiev: This is as far as he got. The runes simply trail off. I cannot imagine what horrors Gul?dan faced in his final moments. I hear dark whispering beyond this gate. It could be Illidan and his minions.

The Search for Illidan

Once the gate was destroyed, Maiev and her forces watched as Naga Sirens cast a spellwork surrounding the green glowing Eye of Sargeras artifact with the supervision of Illidan.

Illidan: So, Warden Shadowsong, you?ve made it at last. I knew you would.

Maiev: You have much to pay for, Illidan. I?m taking you back to your cell.

Illidan: Naivete does not suit you. When I consumed the power of Gul?dan?s skull, I inherited his memories, especially those of this place ? and the dark prize he coveted.

Maiev: Yes, the power of Sargeras. You would claim it as your own!

Illidan: That power is beyond my reach, little warden. But this ? the Eye of Sargeras ? contains all the power I?ll need to rid this wretched world of my enemies once and for all. Ironic that you should be its first victim.

Maiev: You?re insane!

Illidan: Isolation can do that to the mind. Now, after all the long centuries you kept me chained in darkness, it is only fitting that I bury you in turn.

With a simple gesture from Illidan, using the power of the Eye of Sargeras, he caused the temple to shake in huge tremors that attempted to bury Maiev and the Watchers alive under tons of rock.

Maiev: Damn! I must reach Shan?do Stormrage and warn him of his brother?s treachery. My power will allow me to escape, but I fear there is no way out for the rest of you.

Naisha the Huntress: Go, mistress! The goddess will light our path to the hereafter.

Maiev: I will not forget you, my sisters. You will be avenged. I swear it! Now, I?ve got to find a way out before this cursed tomb is drowned by the seas!

With her last goodbye to her crew and Naisha, Maiev uses her blink power to escape through walls and passageways under 3:30 minutes before the whole temple buckles down with the earthquake caused by Illidan with the Eye of Sargeras to bury the Watchers alive.

Escape from the Tomb
Bring Maiev to the tomb entrance
Maiev must survive

Maiev finally reached the exit as the temple ceiling came down behind her and Doom Guards and Fel Stalkers chased her.

Escape from the Tomb

Tomb Guardians:
Skeletal Orc Grunt lvl 5 Undead
Skeletal Guardian lvl 3 Undead
Skeletal Mage
Skeleton Warrior
Slime Hurler lvl 5
Fel Stalker
Watchers Team:
Druid of the Claw
Druid of the Talon
Illidan?s Naga
Lady Vashj lvl 2 Sea Witch
Illidan lvl 10
Naga Myrmidon
Snap dragon
Naga Siren
Skink (lizard)
Coral Element lvl 2
Stormreaver Hermit
Stormreaver Necrolyte lvl 6
Skeletal Orc lvl 3 undead
Mur?gul Shadowcaster lvl 7
Mur?gul Tidewarrior lvl 3
Mur?gul Snarecaster lvl 4
Hydra hatchling lvl 3
Gargantuan Sea Turtle lvl 7
Elder Hydra lvl 7
Hydra lvl 6
Giant Sea Turtle lvl 4
Sea Turtle lvl 2

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 5 Interlude: Unfinished Business

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Location: Moonglade (Before becoming Felwood)

Late that evening, in the secluded Moonglade, Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind discuss the aftermath of the Legion?s invasion.

Malfurion: Nordrassil?s roots seem to be healing well.  I wish I could say the same for Felwood.  I fear the Legion?s corruption will scar the glade permanently.

Tyrande: Your druids will think of something.  Perhaps Ysera or Alexstrasza could lend their ?

Druid of the Claw: Your pardon, Shan?do Stormrage ? Priestess Tyrande ? but she insisted that she be allowed to see you.

Tyrande: Who are you, girl? What is so urgent?

Runner: I am a servant of the Warden, Maiev Shadowsong ? she who pledged to hunt down the Betrayer, Illidan.

Malfurion: Illidan?  Explain yourself!

Runner: Your pardon, Shan?do, but your brother has raised a dark army from the sea and stolen a powerful demonic artifact!  Even now, my mistress battles him on the broken isles! She requires immediate reinforcements!

Tyrande: I will go.  I will lead the Sentinels there myself.

Malfurion: No, my love.  The druids and I can handle ?

Tyrande: I am the one who set him free.  The responsibility is mine.

Malfurion: Then we shall both go.  If this girl?s tale is true, Maiev will need all the help she can get.

Malfurion and his forces reach the shores of Azshara and set sail toward the Broken Isles.  By order of Malfurion, his troops deliver a message to allies to follow and to catch up with them at the Broken Isles.

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 5: Balancing the Scales

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Location: The Broken Isles

The next day, on the shores of the Broken Isles, Maiev and her Watchers attempt to hold the line against Illidan?s final assault.

Maiev: Hold your ground, my warriors! Goddess willing, Shan?do Stormrage will come.

Meanwhile, at the shores of the Broken Isles, the ships of Malfurion and Tyrande load off its occupants into the beach.

Tyrande: My owls have already scouted ahead of us and found Maiev?s location. She and her forces are under attack, but we?ll need to pass through the jungle to reach her.

Malfurion: Perhaps force of nature will speed our way.

Tyrande: We?d best make haste. I doubt Maiev?s forces can hold out much longer.

Maiev?s Distress
Reach Maiev?s base

Tyrande and Malfurion must survive

HINT- Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage, the two most powerful Night Elf Heroes, are both level 10 and fully prepared to challenge all who stand against them.

Malfurion: We must move quickly to save Maiev. We must reach the warden?s base quickly.

Tyrande: Maiev?s forces won?t hold out much longer! What are these vile serpents?

Naga ambush both Malfurion and Tyrande.

Malfurion: I don?t know but these creatures feel familiar somehow. Just as I suspected: Our ships did run aground here. The special allies I brought from Ashenvale should be somewhere in the vicinity.

Tyrande: Special allies?

Malfurion: Just keep searching. You?ll know them when you see them.

Night Elf Fleet
Reach the first ship
Reach the second ship
Reach the third ship

The Night Elf fleet was separated when crossing the perilous ocean. Now the three remaining ships are stranded offshore, unable to safely land. Reach all of the ships and clear a path for them to land upon the shore.

To reach Maiev?s camp, Malfurion and Tyrande are forced to go through a Naga base which cuts their path to their goal.

Maiev?s Distress

Maiev and her Night Elf Watchers forces have been holding off Illidan and the Naga for weeks. With her defenses weakened and her gold supply exhausted, she cannot last much longer. You must bring Malfurion and Tyrande to Maiev?s base and crush the imminent Naga threat.

Maiev: Elune be praised! I knew you would come, Shan?do Stormrage!

Malfurion: I?m glad we reached you in time, Maiev.

Maiev: Priestess Tyrande, I?m surprised you came in person. Are you here to absolve your guilty conscience?

Tyrande: I did what I had to do, Maiev. You are in no position to judge me.

Maiev: What you did was murder my Watchers and set the Betrayer free! It is you who should be locked in a cage.

Malfurion: Stop this, both of you! We?re not out of danger yet, Maiev, what?s the situation here?

Maiev: There are no resources left in this area, Shan?do. We?ll need to find a gold mine if we?re to marshal more troops for an assault on Illidan?s compound.

Malfurion: Very well. Let?s get moving, then.

Illidan?s Minions
Destroy Illidan?s base

HINT ? Move your Tree of Ages and begin harvesting from this mine

On the southern beach of the isle, one of the wrecked ships that barely made it through the Maelstrom is found. Malfurion finds the mysterious allies brought from Ashenvale.

Malfurion: There! Our missing comrades?the mountain giants!

Tyrande: By Elune ? I haven?t seen one of their kind in ages.

Malfurion: The Legion?s coming awoke many of our old friends from their timeless slumber. These mighty ones will be of great help to us.

Mountain Giant ? Massive slow moving melee unit that has the Taunt and War Club abilities

Along the beach, strangely, Malfurion and Tyrande find a camp of Stormreaver Orc Necrolytes and kill them. Further by the southeastern coast, Malfurion finds the last ship.

Night Elf Fleet

Units from the Night Elf Fleet have joined your army ? Druids of the Claw and Dryads

Illidan?s Minions
Destroy Illidan?s base

The Naga forces are still poised to attack. Destroy them and send Illidan?s foolish minions back to the sea so that you can recapture Illidan.

Maiev: Victory is ours! It has been an honor to fight at your side, Shan?do.

Malfurion: This battle is far from over, Maiev. Illidan has yet to be accounted for, and I?ve seen no sign of Tyrande, either.

In the brink of the Naga?s base destruction, Tyrande walks away silently to seek Illidan elsewhere, in solitude.

Tyrande: Show yourself, Illidan! It?s over!

Illidan: Not yet, my little priestess. A pity you couldn?t see things my way. Now you ? and the whole world ? will understand just what I?m capable of! Ash Karath!

Tyrande is trapped under a net by his Naga forces, when suddenly, Malfurion shows up.

Illidan: Brother! What are you doing here?

Malfurion: I?ve come to stop you, Illidan. Instead of banishing you, I should have returned you to your cage when I had the chance! I was weak then ? but no longer.

Illidan: I have sworn allegiance to a new master, brother. I have a great task to perform in his service. I?m sorry, but I cannot allow you to stand in my way.

Illidan and his Naga run away and aboard a ship, setting sail east toward the Eastern Kingdoms. His destination: the coast of Silverpine Forest, to reach Dalaran.

Malfurion: Don?t worry, my love. We?ll find Illidan wherever he runs. We?ll find him.

Spider Crab Shorecrawler lvl 1

Makrura Tidecaller lvl 2
Makrura Deepseer lvl 5
Makrura Snapper lvl 5

Sea Giant
Sea Giant Hunter
Sea Giant Behemoth

Dragon Turtle lvl 10
Giant Sea Turtle lvl 4
Gargantuan Sea Turtle lvl 7

Mur?gul Shadowcaster lvl 7
Mur?gul Tiderunner lvl 3
Mur?gul Snarecaster lvl 4

Illidan?s Naga:
Naga Myrmidon
Naga Siren
Snap dragon

Stormreaver Necrolyte lvl 6
Stormreaver Hermit lvl 3

Revenant of the Tides lvl 3
Revenant of the Depths lvl 8

War Golem lvl 6

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 6: Shards of the Alliance

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Location: Coast of Silverpine Forest

Three days later, on the western coast of Lordaeron, the night elves venture cautiously into the shifting shadows of Silverpine Forest.

Malfurion: This land is called Lordaeron, Maiev. It is the homeland of the Alliance that aided us at the Battle of Mount Hyjal. I was told that its kingdoms ? both human and elven ? were consumed by the undead Scourge. These forests have suffered grievously. I must leave you both for a time. I will enter the woods and attempt to commune with the land itself.

Maiev: While you?re gone, we?ll set out and try to pick up Illidan?s trail.

Malfurion: I expect you both to stay focused on your task. You can settle your personal dispute after we?ve found my brother.

Maiev: Of course, Shan?do. We?d best get moving.

The Watchers finish up the grove and settle up. Maiev and Tyrande move away from the shore walking inland, finding a small human village.

Tyrande: This was an Alliance encampment. The attack must have come recently.

Suddenly, from the north road comes along a caravan of Blood Elves that are attempting to reach Dalaran to meet Garithos?s Alliance forces.

Blood Elven Swordsman: Strangers, milord! They don?t appear to be undead, but ?

Prince Kael?thas: Ishnu-alah, night elves, I am Prince Kael?thas. I must admit, I?m surprised to see your kind here. But, whatever your business, I fear you will find only death and shadow in this cursed land.

Maiev: Ishnu-dal-dieb, Kael?thas. I am Maiev Shadowsong, and this is Tyrande Whisperwind. We are hunting a powerful demon that arrived here recently.

Prince Kael?thas: Curious. I don?t know about any demon, but something?s riled the undead based at Dalaran. They?ve been hounding us day and night. We were about to abandon this post and seek refuge on the other side of the River Arevass.

Tyrande: Hmm. Then we shall lend you our aid, young Kael.

Maiev: Wait ? we have no time for this.

Tyrande: Perhaps once your people are safe, you will help us hunt the demon we seek?

Prince Kael?thas: It would be an honor, milady.

Escort Kael?thas and His Caravan
Lead the caravan across the river
At least two Supply Wagons must survive
Tyrande, Maiev, and Kael?thas must survive

Escort Kael?thas and his supply caravan across the River Arevass.

NOTICE: Tyrande?s Scout spell is not available.

Maiev, Tyrande and a group of Druids of the Claw and Mountain Giants escort Prince Kael?thas? caravan heading south.

Prince Kael?thas: The undead are attacking! The caravan must be protected!

Maiev: Do not fear, Kael. Our mountain giants are more than capable of handling these wretched curs. Their stony hides are nearly impervious to their clumsy attacks.

After defeating the undead attack, Maiev loses her patience and snaps at Tyrande.

Maiev: We are wasting time here, Tyrande. We should be cut looking for Illidan!

Tyrande: These people need our help, Maiev. Their brethren aided us against the Legion. We will honor that debt now.

Prince Kael?thas: The undead have returned! Defend the caravan!

Prince Kael?thas: Ah, a mercenary camp! We could hire some of them to aid us, but we?ll need to retrieve some of our hidden gold caches in order to pay them.

Maiev: You?ve hidden your gold?

Prince Kael?thas: We?re fighting a losing war here, milady. The undead close in around us daily. It?s necessary to keep our assets hidden, yet accessible. We have caches secreted throughout the wilderness.

Maiev: Then we shall retrieve them for you.

Retrieve Supplies

Recover the gold caches (0 of 3 Found)

Kael?thas has stashed some gold and lumber nearby. Retrieve the hidden resources to allow the purchase of mercenaries and other supplies.

Along the road, Kael?thas points toward one of the gold caches. Maiev and Tyrande discover an undead Scourge camp and are forced to destroy it to reach one of the caches. Mountain Giants help destroy the Scourge buildings doing Giant Siege damage with their War Club ability.

Maiev: This is where Kael buried his gold. Let?s claim it quickly.

After finding the first cache, Kael?thas returns to the Mercenary camp to hire soldiers to their side. Strangely, the mercenaries are Forest Troll Berserkers, Ogre Maulers and Forest Troll High Priests. Their assistance was welcome nonetheless.

Prince Kael?thas: Sadly, I have only a few warriors left. The Scourge has pressed us hard these last few months.

Maiev: Kael, where are your high elven brethren? Do they not fight the undead as you do?

Prince Kael?thas: The Scourge devoured our ancient homeland of Quel?Thalas. The once-proud bloodline of my people is nearly spent. The few of us that remain now call ourselves blood elves, in homage to our murdered people.

Tyrande: I grieve for your people, Kael. But you must not allow rage and despair to poison your heart. You may yet lead your people to a brighter future.

As they fight their way against waves of Scourge, they find a new Mercenary camp holding Human Assassins, Kobold Geomancers and Kobold Taskmasters.

The mercenaries proved to be of great help as not long after a Dreadlord named Zilfallon and a group of Ghouls await them blocking the road pass. Kael leads them to the next cache of gold. Unfortunately, the cache is inside another Undead Scourge camp.

Maiev: Ah, more of the Alliance?s treasury. Let?s take it and be gone.

Prince Kael?thas: We stand at a crossroads, my friends. There is a shorter path to our destination, but it will take us perilously close to an undead bastion. The other route is safer, but it will take us longer to cross the river.

Maiev: Both routes will be dangerous, nonetheless. Let us choose quickly and be on our way.

Prince Kael?thas: This is one of our last holdouts on this side of the river. We will rest here for a spell and gather reinforcements.

Maiev: Undead flyers! We must find a way to repel them!

They manage to reach the bridge of the River Arevass, and just nearby is the location of another Scourge settlement led by the Lich Ras Splinterspine. The last cache is there, and it would require the help of more mercenaries from a nearby camp. Forest Troll Trappers, Renegade Wizards and summonable Elder Squatch were ready for hire to help rescue the last cache.

Maiev: More of the buried gold. This will help our cause greatly.

Retrieve Supplies

Prince Kael?thas: Ah, Pyrewood Village! The River Arevass lies just beyond.

Maiev: Something doesn?t feel right.

Tyrande: Yes. Perhaps we should keep the caravan moving?

Prince Kael?thas: Damn! They were waiting for us! Protect the caravan at all costs!

Escort Kael?thas and His Caravan

Maiev: We?ve driven them back, but the second wave is advancing!

Waves of Ghouls, Crypt Fiends and Necromancers rush in toward the caravan, just a step away from the River Arevass bridge.

Prince Kael?thas: We?ve run out of time! The caravan will not survive another assault!

Tyrande: Kael, get your caravan moving across the river! I will stay behind and hold the bridge!

Maiev: That?s very noble of you, Priestess, but you?re no match for a force that vast!

Tyrande: The goddess is my shield, warden. Elune will grant me the strength.

The caravan passed safely through the River Arevass bridge, while Tyrande stepped and held a stand in the middle of the bridge. As countless ghouls, Crypt fiends and Necromancers approached the bridge, Tyrande?s prayers upon her goddess Elune come to manifest in a rain of stars effect that crushed the Scourge.

Prince Kael?thas: It?s working! She?s holding them back!

Suddenly, the rain that had affected the weather of Silverpine Forest took a toll when a avalanche of water rushing down the river rammed the bridge cracking it up into pieces, plummeting Tyrande downstream.

Tyrande: Merciful goddess!

Prince Kael?thas: We must hurry to save her! That current will take her straight into the heart of the undead lands!

Maiev: No, Kael. Tyrande is a soldier: she knew the risks she took. We have a greater mission to accomplish now, and our time grows short. Your people are now safe. You will uphold your end of the bargain and help me hunt the demon I seek.

Rogue lvl 3
Bandit lvl 1
Brigand lvl 2
Assassin lvl 4
Bandit Lord lvl 7

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 7 Interlude: Malfurion’s Vision

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Location: South of Silverpine Forest

At that moment, deep within Silverpine Forest, Malfurion attempts to commune with the spirits of the wild.  Wisps spirits surround Malfurion, floating in motion around him, as if a ritual was been cast, granting the druid the gift of vision beyond the boundaries of his limited sight range.

Malfurion: This forest has suffered as much as Ashenvale.  The vile blight of the Scourge has deadened countless acres of trees.  If only the druids could ?  Aaarrrggh! The earth .. is being ? torn apart.  The pain is ? excruciating!  Ancient spirits of the forest, I implore you, show me what is hidden from my sight!  Show me what troubles this earth.

Malfurion is granted his plea, and through the eyes of birds, the spirit of the trees and animals of Northrend, Malfurion sees the pain felt by the roof of the world.

Malfurion: I see the frozen land of Northrend, the very roof of the world.  The land itself is being split asunder!  How can this be?  What could cause such devastation?

The spirits of the wild once more float and dance around Malfurion granting him sight of the source that is causing pain to the earth and nature.  The vision focuses now in Dalaran, not far from there.

Illidan: It?s working!  Nothing can withstand the power of the Eye!  Soon now, my master?s enemies will be undone, and I will claim my just reward.

Malfurion: Thank you, great spirits.  I know what must be done.  I promise you ? this treachery will not go unpunished!

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 7: The Ruins of Dalaran

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Location: northwest of Dalaran

Later that evening, at the night elves? base camp, Malfurion returns to warn Maiev and Tyrande of his brother?s dangerous sorcery.

Malfurion: Maiev! We?ve got to move quickly. Illidan is weaving a spell that is splitting apart the roof of the world! We must ? Wait ? where is Tyrande?

Maiev: I am sorry, Shan?do, but the priestess has fallen. We aided a band of Alliance warriors against the undead. The priestess fought valiantly, but I saw her torn apart with my own eyes. You can still avenge her, Shan?do! Let us attack Illidan together! He is the reason we even came to this forsaken place. He is the reason for your loss. Shan?do, this is Prince Kael?thas, the ally I spoke of.

Prince Kael?thas: Greetings, great druid. My scouts have confirmed that this Illidan and his vile snakes are based at the ruined city of Dalaran. They are using a gem-like artifact to perform some strange ritual.

Maiev: They must be using the Eye of Sargeras! But why would they strike at the roof of the world?

Malfurion: It doesn?t matter. They won?t live long enough to finish their spell. Illidan must be stopped once and for all.

Spell of Destruction
Destroy the Summoners before time runs out
Spells and Magic attacks kill the summoners
(Example ? Chimaeras have a magical attack)
Time Remaining: 30 minutes
Faerie Dragon ? Mana Flare
Chimaeras ? Attack
Druid of the Talon ? Attack

Illidan?s Summoners have begun channeling a powerful spell through the Eye of Sargeras that threatens to tear the planet asunder. Time is running out as they come ever closer to finishing their diabolical chanting. You must slay all four Summoners before time runs out, but they have turned ethereal and can only be harmed by magic. Use one of the following to damage the Summoners:

Maiev?s Fan of Knives or Shadow Strike Spells

Malfurion?s Entangling Roots Spell

Prince Kael?thas: The naga have captured some human paladins! If we could free them they might aid us against Illidan.

Save the Paladin
Free the Paladin

There is a Paladin being held behind the Naga. Break him free of his cave, and he may aid you in the destruction of Illidan?s forces.

Malfurion: I feel their spell ripping through the roof of the world. We must end this!

The heroes? camp was undersiege often, however. A Scourge camp lies near Dalaran, led by Lich Venim Iceblade.and Dreadlord Necros. Their Frost Wyrms made a great harm to the heroes? forces, but Faerie Dragons and Druids of the Talon were enough to counter them along with the Sentinels.

HINT ? Use Mana Flare to utterly destroy enemy spellcasters. Mana Flare can be found on Faerie Dragons.

Malfurion: Arrghhh ? The Eye is ? fracturing the earth! The pain is excruciating!

Entering one of the buildings of Dalaran, Malfurion is able to free the Paladin.

Paladin Magroth the Defender: Our righteous might will always overcome the forces of darkness! We shall aid you against the unholy beasts.

Save the Paladin

The whole world was shaking often as the spell of Illidan was amplified through the Naga Sirens into the Eye of Sargeras, ripping Northrend?s ground ? attempting to crush the Icecrown of the Lich King. Tremors were felt all the way down in Eastern Kingdoms.

Malfurion: The land is heaving, even here! We must put an end to their spell!

The heroes were able to kill the four Naga Summoners, halting the spell of the Eye of Sargeras, and stopping the tremors of the earth.

Spell of Destruction

Illidan: No! The spell is not done! It is not done!

Malfurion: It is over, brother. Your vile schemes end here.

Maiev: Illidan Stormrage, for recklessly endangering countless lives and threatening the very balance of the world, I hereby sentence you to death!

Malfurion: Too much blood has been spilled on your account, Illidan. Even now I can feel the lands of Northrend reeling from the spell you cast. Imprisonment will not be enough this time.

Maiev: I will execute him myself!

Illidan: Fools! Can you not see? The spell we channeled was meant to strike at the undead ? our common enemy! My mission was to destroy the Lich King?s stronghold of Icecrown!

Malfurion: At no heed to the cost? Because of you, Tyrande is dead!

Illidan: What?

Prince Kael?thas: Your pardon, Lord Stormrage, but the priestess may still be alive! She was swept downriver, but it?s premature to simply assume that ?

Maiev: Silence, Kael!

Malfurion: You told me she was torn apart! You lied to me.

Maiev: The Betrayer?s capture was our primary concern, Shan?do. I needed your help. I knew you would go to her and we would lose our chance! I ?

Malfurion: Just who is the betrayer now, woman? I must go to her immediately.

Illidan: Believe me, brother, despite all our differences, you know that I would never lead Tyrande to harm. Let me help you. My naga can scour the river for us! Let me do this, at least.

Malfurion: Very well.

Maiev: What? After all he?s done, you would trust this traitor to ?

Malfurion: Silence! I will deal with you later. Let?s go ? brother.

And with that, Malfurion cast entangling roots on Maiev, holding her prisoner for her betrayal, until he is able to properly judge her treacherous mischief. Tyrande?s safety is what matters right now.

Stonemaul Ogre l;vl 6
Ogre Warrior lvl 3
Ogre magi lvl 5

Forest Troll Berserker lvl 4
Forest troll Hgh Oiest lvl 4
Forest Troll Warrior lvl 3

Kobold Tunneler lvl 3
Kobold Taskmaster lvl 5
Kobold geomancer lvl 3
Kobold lvl 1

Magroth the Defender lvl 8 Paladin(rescue)

Undead Scourge:
Necros lvl 6 Dreadlord

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 8: The Brothers Stormrage

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Location: Silverpine Forest downriver from the bridge to Pyrewood Village

Hours later, along the banks of the River Arevass, Malfurion and Illidan work together to pick up Tyrande?s trail. Moving quickly through the woods, their skills and senses start working in unison ? their twin wills bent on finding their beloved priestess before it?s too late.

Malfurion: They have best return with good news, brother. The very sight of them makes my stomach turn. Where did you ever find such loathsome creatures?

Illidan: Believe me, brother, you do not want to know.

Naga Myrmidon: Lord Illidan, we have found your missing priestess. She and her warriors fight on against the undead, but I doubt they can hold out much longer.

In the distance, a desperate Tyrande tries to survive constant attacks from the Scourge. The Sentinels had found Tyrande some time ago, but were trapped themselves by the surrounding legions of undead Scourge.

Tyrande: Come forth, you mindless wretches, and taste the wrath of the Sentinels! Elune?s light shall never falter!

Naga Myrmidon: You?d best hurry if you?re to save her!

Suddenly, a huge swarm eclipsed the sky. As Illidan and Malfurion lift their heads upwards, waves and waves of Gargoyles and Frost Wyrms head downriver, above them.

Illidan: An undead strike force! But they?re completely ignoring us! What could—

Malfurion: Tyrande ?

Illidan: Their flying horrors fill the sky! It would be folly to send your flyers against them!

Malfurion: We cannot depend on them now! Illidan, you must hold the undead here and prevent them from assaulting Tyrande?s encampment. I will journey downriver and ?

Illidan: No, brother. The naga and I can reach her faster! I will go.

Malfurion: What you say is true, but I risk much by trusting you, Illidan.

Illidan: I swear on my life that I will bring her back, my brother.

Malfurion: I believe you. Andre?thoras-ethil, brother.

Tyrande?s Rescue
Use Illidan?s forces to destroy the red Undead base
Use Malfurion?s forces to defend the Night Elf base

Illidan and Malfurion must work together to save the woman they love from the clutches of the Undead. Malfurion must hold out against the Undead forces, while Illidan must crush the massive Undead base surrounding Tyrande. Only then can she be brought to safety.

NOTICE ? You control both Malfurion?s and Illidan?s bases. Both bases are completely separate, including their own resources and upkeep levels.

While moving downstream, a Naga Myrmidon encounters a dam shielded magically making it unbreakable.

Naga Myrmidon: Lord Illidan, we?ve discovered a dam blocking one of the river?s tributaries. The dam is guarded by forest trolls, but the stream beyond it might provide us a faster route to your friend.

Illidan: We shall see.

Dam Trolls
- Slay the Trolls and their Chieftain

The Trolls have constructed several dams and set up homes up the river, blocking you from easily striking at the Undead army guarding Tyrande. Slay the trolls and their Chieftain Krag?jin to open more paths for attacks on the Undead.

Tyrande: Goddess, if this is to be the end, let us die with your name on our lips!

The Undead Scourge forces(red) led by Dreadlord Nerothos keep pounding in consecutive waves of Gargoyles, Crypt Fiends and Frost Wyrms, Tyrande?s forces. Meanwhile, Malfurion tries to help his own forces from obliteration. The Dreadlord Terrordar and his Undead Scourge(orange) group keep attacking their own base.

Illidan and his naga are able to kill the trolls and to challenge the Forest Troll Chieftain Krag?jin. Once dead, his magical barrier vanished, allowing the naga to destroy the rock chunks that compound the dam.

Tyrande: Keep fighting, my warriors! They may be our end but they will never defeat our spirit!

Baron Bloodbane, the Death Knight, kept pressing on Illidan?s base meanwhile, by sending waves of Undead Scourge(green) to attack. However, Malfurion and Illidan?s forces were not trying to destroy the Scourge wasting resources, only kept defending their bases. Their main goal was to retrieve Tyrande safely and get out.

Rescue Tyrande

Tyrande: Illidan! What trickery is this? Have you come to finish me off personally?

Illidan: No, Tyrande. You must believe me. I?ve come to save you!

Tyrande: Save me?

In the meantime, Malfurion is uneasy, awaiting any news about his beloved Tyrande.

Malfurion: Where could they be? He should have brought her back by now!

Back at Tyrande?s base, Illidan surprisingly opens a rift in the very fabric of reality, summoned by a powerful spell.

Illidan: Hurry! This is our last chance!

Tyrande halts curiously and responds with a nod at Illidan, as if hesitating, yet trusting his intentions. Tyrande plummets into the portal, followed by Illidan and their remaining forces. On the other side, Malfurion observes in the distance a flash of energy opening up, and resolves to welcome the incomers.

Tyrande: You ? risked your life for me, I don?t understand.

Illidan: Whatever I may be ? whatever I may become in this world ? know that I will always look out for you, Tyrande.

Malfurion rides atop his mount through the ponds, reaching them.

Malfurion: Tyrande!

Tyrande: I knew you would not forsake me!

Malfurion: I thought I?d lost you forever, my love. If not for Illidan?s aid, I may well have.

Illidan: We have had much strife between us, my brother. I have known only ages of hate for you. But, for my part, I wish it to end. From this day forward, let there be peace between us.

Gnoll lvl 1
Gnoll Assassin lvl 3
Gnoll Warden lvl 3
Gnoll Overseer lvl 5

Undead Scourge
Terrordar lvl 6 Dreadlord
Nerothos lvl 8 Dreadlord
Baron Bloodbane lvl 5 Death Knight
Rak coldskull Lich

Shadowglen Trolls:
Shadowglen Healer lvl 4
Shadowglen Berserker lvl 4
Giant Sea Turtle lvl 4
Shadowglen High Priest lvl 4
Shadowglen Dark Priest lvl 4
Shadowglen Dark Healer lvl 4
Krag?jin lvl 11 Shadowglen Troll Leader
Ancient Sasquatch lvl 9
Sasquatch Oracle lvl 7
Sasquatch lvl 5

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 9: A Parting of Ways

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Location: Downriver from the bridge of River Arevass, Silverpine Forest

Moments later, at the night elves? base camp, Illidan prepares for his departure.

Malfurion: You have brought much suffering to the world, Illidan.  For that, you can never be forgiven.  However, you saved the life of my love.  For that I will let you go.  But, should you ever threaten my people again ?

Illidan: I understand, brother.  Lordship over this world was never my aim ? only power ? only the magic.  I?ve lingered here too long.  I must go.  By aiding you, I have betrayed my new master.  If I am not careful, his wrath will be my end.

With that, Illidan turned around and away as a new rift is opened in front of him leading to his new destination:  Outland.

Illidan: Farewell, brother ? Tyrande.  I doubt our paths will cross again.  En?shu falah-nah.

Illidan vanished along with his Naga forces through the portal.  Still open, out of nowhere the warden Maiev rushes in.

Maiev: Fools!  Have you no sense of justice?

Tyrande: Maiev, Illidan has atoned for his crimes!  He is no longer a threat to ?

Malfurion: It?s no use, Tyrande.  She has become vengeance itself, bound forever to the hunt.  I only pray that in her zeal, she doesn?t cause even more havoc than Illidan.

Maiev jumps right through the portal to Outland, followed by her Watcher forces before the portal closed and vanished.

Tyrande:  Now, let?s go home, beloved.  We?ve earned our rest.

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Human Campaign - Chapter 1: Misconceptions

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Location: North of Dalaran Ruins

At Grand Marshall Garithos’ base camp, near the outskirts of Dalaran, Kael’thas and his warriors arrive bearing ill news.

Garithos: You are late, Prince Kael’thas.  I thought you elves prided yourselves on punctuality.

Prince Kael’thas: It could not be helped, Lord Garithos.  We ran into a group of night elves from across the sea, and—

Garithos: I am not interested in your fanciful excuses!  You elves are here to serve the Alliance: thus, you will obey my commands to the leter!  Is that clear?

Prince Kael’thas: Yes, Lord Garithos.

Garithos: Now, the undead have begun a new offensive to retake Dalaran.  Their primary strike force marched south through Silverpine, but we managed to halt its advance at the base of the mountains.

Prince Kael’thas: My men are ready to fight, milord!  When shall we leave for the front?

Garithos: We will be leaving immediately.  But , your people will be staying here.  Our scouts report that a second strike force may be heading this way from the east.  I need you to repair the outlying observatories so that we can monitor that region.

Prince Kael’thas: But, milord, we are warriors, not—

Garithos: You have your orders, Prince Kael’thas.  I trust your elven ears heard them clearly enough.  Move out!

Lord Garithos and his troops left toward the front of the battle, while Prince Kael’thas remained behind in astonishment and soreness.

Prince Kael’thas: Insolent son of a … Let’s get this over with!

With that,  Kael’thas escorted his peons for the task ahead.

Observatory Repair
Find and Repair the Observatories (0 of 3 Repaired)

The Observatories in this area served Lordaeron well when they were in operation.  Repair them to reveal vision of the area to your army and comply with Garithos’ command.

Spell Breakers – Elven warriors trined to destroy spellcasters.  Initially has Spell Steal which will transfer spells from enemy units to yours.

Prince Kael’thas: That’s done it.  The observatory has been repaired.  Let’s move quickly and get to work on the others.

HINT – The Observatory has revealed much of the surrounding terrain including a nearby gold mine.  You should build a base there.

Prince Kael’thas: Months ago, we buried a number of supply caches in this area.  Perhaps it’s time we dug them up.  We’ll need all the resources we can get our hands on.

Hidden Caches
Find the Hidden Caches (0 of 4 Found)

There are several hidden caches of gold, lumber and items hidden around this area.  Find them all to bolster your resources and power.

HINT – Use Control Magic to take command of enemy summoned units

Kael’thas confronts a band of bandits led by a rogue Wizard who summons a Water Elemental.  The Spell Breakers are able to control the summoned Elemental against them.  Behind their camp lies one of the caches.

HINT – Flamestrike can destroy many things, like the trees near these mystical runes.

As Kael’thas and his Blood Elves approach the shore, they discover that the port and its ships had been destroyed.  Incommunicating them with nearby islands.

Prince Kael’thas: Damn.  We’ll have to find a way across the lake to reach the outlying goldmine.

Suddenly, from the water came out Lady Vashj accompanied by an escort of Naga Myrmidons.

Prince Kael’thas: Naga!  You fought for the demon Illidan!

Lady Vashj: We are on our own now, good prince.  I am called Lady Vashj.  My breathren and I come in peace, to offer you our aid.

Prince Kael’thas: You have nothing I need, witch.

Lady Vashj: Is that so?  I thought you might require boats to reach the observatories you seek.

Prince Kael’thas: And you would provide these freely?  Why should I trust you, my lady?

Lady Vashj: Our two races share a common ancestry, Kael.  Now, against the undead, we share a common peril.  These boats are merely a gesture of good will.

Prince Kael’thas: Then I accept your offer, Thank you.

Using ships provided by Lady Vashj and her naga, Kael’thas and his Blood Elves were able to cross the lake to find Observatories spread in other Islands.  However, the Scourge kept sending attacks to Kael’thas new base camp.  Kael’thas escorted his peons toward the last of the three Observatories, repairing it successfully.  When suddenly …

Prince Kael’thas: Hail, Lord Garithos.  The observatories have been repaired as you requested.  We were just about to—

Garithos: I received ill news from the front line.  Is it true that you’ve consorted with the vile naga?

Prince Kael’thas: Well, yes, milord.  They helped us across the lake.  I assure you they pose no threat to us or to—

Garithos: They are inhuman and must be crushed like any other enemy!  Be careful where you place your loyalties, blood elf.  I will not tolerate treason in my ranks.  Now I must return to the front.  You will remain here and wait for further orders.

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Human Campaign - Chapter 2: A Dark Covenant

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Location: Near the Ruins of Dalaran

Back at Kael’thas base camp near the Ruins of Dalaran, a High Elf Emissary is sent by Garithos to deliver a message to Prince Kael’thas.

Emissary: Greetings, Prince Kael’thas, I bring word from Grand Marshall Garithos.

Prince Kael’thas: What news from the front?

Emissary: Apparently the observatories you repaired detected a large undead force massing nearby. Lord Garithos has commanded that you crush the undead before they can march on Dalaran.

Prince Kael’thas: That doesn’t sound too difficult.

Emissary: Unfortunately, your forces may be a little thinned. You see, Lord Garithos has also ordered that all foot soldiers, cavalry and support teams report to the front lines immediately. You men, move out!

Prince Kael’thas: This is preposterous! Am I to assault the undead with nothing but sticks and harsh language?

Emissary: The grand marshal has great confidence in your … abilities. Be creative.

Prince Kael’thas: Garithos … I’m starting to hate that man.


Crush and Destroy

Destroy the green Undead base

From the shadows, Dalvengyr the Dreadlord, commands his Undead Scourge to surround your encampment. Seek out Dalvengyr, destroy him, slay his troops, and raze every last one of his buildings to the ground!


Dragonhawk Riders – You may now build Dragonhawk Riders from the Gryphon Aviary. They have the Aerial Shackles ability, which allows them to immobilize and disarm enemy air units temporarily.

Prince Kael’thas and the Blood Elves are able to defeat Dalvengyr and his Scourge. However, the price of victory would be too high, since the Naga once more provided assistance to Kael’thas.

Prince Kael’thas: You have my thanks, Lady. This victory would not have been possible without your aid, though I fear I may have doomed myself by accepting it.

Lady Vashj: The human you serve trusts no race but his own. His sense of honor runs no deeper than his tolerance.

Prince Kael’thas: It is loyalty and duty that bind me to him and to this … failing Alliance. But now those tenets seem as distant as our ruined homeland. All I know is that my brethren and I hunger for something more.

Lady Vashj: Perhaps, young Kael, it is time to find a new path … to power and glory.

Prince Kael’thas: I can’t explain it exactly, but ever since our homeland was destroyed, my brethren and I have felt empty … almost drained of our spirit.  There is a hunger now that has … hardened our hearts.

Lady Vashj: I know this hunger, Kael.  Like us, your people are addicted to magic!  It flowed through your veins for over ten thousand years.  And now, with the corruption of your land and the Sunwell that empowered you …

Prince Kael’thas: We have been cut off from our power, from our birthright!  Without a new source of magic, my people will surely die.

Lady Vashj: There are other founts of power in this world, Kael.  Demons, for instance.

Prince Kael’thas: You speak of madness, my lady.  We will never be that desperate.

Lady Vashj: Your aversion is understandable.  But still—

Spell Breaker: Prince Kael’thas!  Grand Marshall Garithos has arrived.  He’s brought a full batallion with him.

Prince Kael’thas: Damn, Vashj, you’d best leave.  I cannot guarantee your people’s safety.

Knight: Naga Warriors!

Garithos: Forget about them!  So, Kael, you’ve shown your true colors at last.  I knew you were in league with those serpents.  Now I have all the proof I need to execute every traitorous one of you!

Prince Kael’thas: Please, milord, spare my men!  It was my decision to—

Garithos: Spare your breath.  I never trusted you vainglorious elves.  It was a mistake to accept you into the Alliance in the first place.  Now, at long last, you’ll be dealt with approapriately.  Take them away!

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Human Campaign - Chapter 3: The Dungeons of Dalaran

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Location: Dungeons of Ruins of Dalaran

Two days later, within the magically shielded dungeons of Dalaran, Kael’thas and his blood elf brethren languish in their cells, awaiting their inevitable executions.

Prince Kael’thas: How could I have let this happen to my brethren? Locked in these cells, our thirst for magic will devour us.

Guard Marcus: It’ll all be over soon, traitor. Lord Garithos plans to execute the lot of you at dawn.

Guard Trogdar: Sunrise can’t get here fast enough. These elves give me the creeps.

Guard Marcus: Don’t worry. This prison was built by the Kirin Tor to keep their pets from getting loose. The elves’ magic is useless inside those enchanted cells.

Unknown to the Human guards mocking Kael’has, Lady Vashj and some naga are just arriving behind them. Their carelessness became their deaths.

Lady Vashj: Greetings, Kael. I assume we’re not too late.

Prince Kael’thas: On the contrary, Vashj. Your timing is impeccable. Once again I am in your debt. But even if we free my brethren, there is nowhere to run. Garithos’ forces outnumber us ten to one.

Lady Vashj: You stand at a dangerous crossroads. You can either stay here and be slaughtered by human hands … or choose a darker path … to freedom.

Prince Kael’thas: What is this darker path?

Lady Vashj: In the city above us stands a portal—a gateway that leads to other worlds.

Prince Kael’thas: Yes, I know it. The Lich, Kel’Thuzad, opened it to bring Archimonde here.

Lady Vashj: Yes. My master, Illidan, awaits us on the other side of that portal! Lead your people to him, and he will forge you a new destiny. He will sate your people’s burning hunger.

Prince Kael’thas: Side with a rogue demon … or lead my people to their certain deaths. There is no choice here, Vashj. We’ll have to free my lieutenants first. They’ll be able to rally the others while we assault the exit.

Lady Vashj: As you will.

Blood Elf Lieutenants
Free the Blood Elf Lieutenants (0 of 4)
Kael and Vashj must survive

Garithos has imprisoned your Blood Elf Lieutenants within special magical cages. Break them free so that they can release your brethren and prepare for the upcoming battle with Garithos.

Navigating through the dungeons of Dalaran, underground, Kael’thas and Lady Vashj search every cell hoping to find the other four Blood Elf Lieutenant Warriors.

Blood Elf Lieutenant: Prince Kael! We knew you’d come!

Blood Elf Lieutenant – Powerful melee unit with the Defend ability. Lieutenants are also immune to magic, and Flamestrike can be cast upon them without harming them.

Prince Kael’thas: That guard means to sound the alarm! Stom him! The alarm’s been sounded! Prepare yourselves!

An assault of Human guards attack Kael’thas and Lady Vashj. The Lieutenants help greatly in defending their leaders while they range spells at the guards.

Prince Kael’thas: I sense powerful spirits stirring nearby. Arthas murdered a number of Archmagi when the Scourge ravaged this land. Now the wizards’ invisible spirits can find no rest. Perhaps we should track them down and give them peace. I sense something … elusive. Outstanding!

Ghosts of Dalaran
Slay the Ghostly Archmagi (0 of 4 Slain)

The ghosts of the Archmagi slaughtered by Arthas during the destruction of Dalaran still haunt the decrepit ruins of the prison. Find their trapped spirits and slay them to release their tormented souls and give them peace.

HINT – Standing a unti on each rune in a set of matching runes can reveal secrets and open locked doors.

NEW ITEM RECEIVED – Ring of the Archmagi
This artifact increases in power as you collect each Gem Fragment.
A powerful artifact with a sliver of a fragmented gem inset. Increases the Strength, Agility and intelligence of the Hero by 1

Searching the other remaining Lieutenants, Kael’thas, Lady Vashj and some of their Lieutenants get ambushed by Undead Scourge within the corridors of the Dungeon.

Prince Kael’thas: The undead fled into these tunnels when we retook the city!

After killing the undead, further in the dungeon Kael’thas sees Human guards blocking their way.

Prince Kael’thas: Hmm. That switch on the other side of the wall will release the creatures upon the guards.

One of the guards manage to run away.

Prince Kael’thas: If he trips the alarm, they will send in elite troops to stop us. Be wary! We’ve been discovered!

Guard Seth: The blasted elves are free! We can’t take’em alone!

Guard Troy: We don’t have to. We can loose these creatures on’em!

Guard Troy pulled the handle, opening the gates and setting loose 3 powerful War golems upon Kael’thas and Lady Vashj. They barely stood a chance in destroying them. Beyond the hall, they find another of the Lieutenants.

Blood Elf Lieutenant: It’s good to see you alive, my prince. What are your orders?

The Lieutenant joined their team and kept searching their way out. Along their journey they find a Vault protected by any Human Guards and a War Golem. Inside they find relics of power and other items.

Essence of Aszune
Legends speak of an intelligent Orc who found the Heart of Aszune. This is the essence of her heart, precious to the NIght Elves. It has the power to heal the Hero that wields it. This item is permanent.

Frost Wyrm Skull Shield
This Ancient Frost Wyrm skull has been equipped with handles, turning it into a powerful shield. Increases armor by 2 when worn and reduces Magic damage dealt to the Hero by 33%

On their way out, they found the fourth Lieutenant, and set to leave the damned dungeons.

Blood Elf Lieutenants

Slay Jailor Kassan
Slay Jailor Kassan and his guards
Kael and Vashj must survive

The old Jailor of the sewer prison of Dalaran blocks the final gate barring you from the surface. Kill him and those guarding the gate with him so that the wrongfully imprisoned Blood Elves can push the fight into the city.

Jailor Kassan: You’ve gone as far as you’re going to go, Prince Kael. Make it easy on yourself.

Prince Kael’thas: You served the Kirin Tor well, Kassan, but the old order has passed away. My people and I are leaving his damned prison one way or another.

Jailor Kassan: It’s a shame to see a good wizard gone bad. Do what you have to do, lad.

Prince Kael’thas: My brethren are assembled, Vashj. Now all we need to do is reach this portal of yours and—

Lady Vashj: Hold, good prince. We will need to keep the portal open long enough to usher everyone through. But Garithos’ forces will likely attack it before we can make our escape.

Prince Kael’thas: Then I will hold him at bay. I’ll buy you all the time you’ll need.

The Lieutenants find the other Blood Elves and rally them to meet Kael’thas and Lady Vashj above—preparing to enter the portal to Outland.

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Human Campaign - Chapter 3 End: The Crossing

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Moments later, as the allied blood elves and naga spill into the back alleys of Dalaran …

Prince Kael’thas: Quickly, my breathren, take your positions. Garithos’ forces will be here any moment.

Lady Vashj: We have reached the portal Kael. Now we’ll attempt to open it!

Blood Elf Engineer: Prince Kael, the engineers and I helped to build Dalaran’s original defenses. We could salvage materials from these ruins and construct whatever defensive towers you need.

Prince Kael’thas: Good to hear it. You’d best get moving.

Marshal Garithos: Blasted Elves, I knew they’d try something like this. Forget about those damned towers—I want that portal destroyed! Those traitors aren’t going anywhere. Use these explosives on the portal! Whoever destroys the portal will be a hero!

Lady Vashj: We have done it. The portal is open. Let the exodus begin!

Prince Kael’thas: Well done, Vashj. If we build more strategic towers, we should be able to hold off Garithos’ forces long enough for our people to get through.

Lady Vashj: You’d better be right. If the portal falls, none of us will survive!


Defend the Portal

– Build Towers to stop Garithos’ men

– The Portal must survive

Blood Elf Engineer: Prince Kael, We have completed a new type of defense tower.


Flame Tower – Your engineers may now build Flame Towers.

Prince Kael’thas: I claim this for the Kirin Tor. The Humans have no rights to it.

Blood Elf Engineer: Prince Kael, the plans are complete for this new tower.


Cold Tower – Your engineers may now build Cold Towers

Lady Vashj: Prince Kael, almost half our forces are through! You’ve got to hold Garithos at bay!

Blood Elf Engineer: Prince Kael, this new tower is our final and ultimate creation.


Death Tower – Your Engineers may now build Death Towers

Lady Vashj: Nearly everyone is through! Just a while longer and we’ll have done it.


Defend the Portal

Lady Vashj: Kael, everyone is through! Fall back and we’ll close the portal behind us!

Prince Kael’thas: All right, men! Pull back to the portal!

Lady Vashj: Now, young prince, we take one final step … towards destiny.