Blizzplanet: The Sleeper Has Awaken

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Alright, we are back online and kicking. Apologies for the downtime. Rushster, wisely, decided to shut down the site until the situation could be assessed.  The old content management system (CMS) was compromised.  It didn’t come from an ad banner as some fans have speculated. The old left menu module had a vulnerability.

A few things will be added later on Tuesday: such as the content (Easter Eggs, Store, all games info, lore, etc.) and the news archive.

If you visited Blizzplanet on November 19-20th, I recommend you install Avast, update your anti-virus and/or install the latest Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Tool just in case. If you play World of Warcraft, use the WoW Launcher … it offers an extra protection. You can find it in this path within your hard drive:

C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Launcher.exe

Special thanks to Rushster for putting some extra hours out of his weekend to cast resurrect on Blizzplanet. And to Darknemesis for creating the old CMS that went unhacked for six years.

IncGamers WotLK Midnight Opening Coverage

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The IncGamers Network brings you the worldwide coverage of the Wrath of the Lich King Midnight Opening in California, New York and London.

Flux ( visited Fry’s Electronics in Anaheim.

Maticus ( and Tamer ( interviewed Paul Sams (Blizzard VP of Business Operations) at the Wrath of the Lich King London Midnight Opening. They cornered him to talk about the fresh-off-the-oven expansion; and the upcoming next-Gen MMO.

Below you got links to the coverage.

I, Medievaldragon, visited the WotLK New York City Midnight Opening at the local Best Buy and met Mike Morhaime (Blizzard President) and Frank Pearce (EVP Product Development).


Jason Hayes Interview

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Jason Hayes answered few questions about his current whereabouts.  He is launching his own music company and is planning to release a music album CD soon.  His company website will be updated in a few weeks to offer fans an interactive site where his music fans may communicate and download music.  Make sure to join his forums.  Jason Hayes told us of his interest to support the Modding Community and Voice actors guilds.  Here is the interview, enjoy!