WWI Teaser - Day Four

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Today’s Splash teaser is very intriguing. The narrow eyes staring could mean a lot of things. After my trip to New York Comic Con, I saw at the Pocket Books booth the front cover of Starcraft: The Dark Templar, Twilight (book three) expected on December 2008.  The front cover showed Ulrezaj the Dark Archon’s face.

These narrow eyes look a lot like a dark archon’s eyes. The solar system-like rune on the new splash page doesn’t help much either. You can view the images here.

Update: Lyquid reports the solar system rune resembles quitely a lot to one of the games that Blizzard cancelled a few years ago: Pax Imperia.  Another game studios published the game. The question to ponder … did Blizzard acquire the rights of Pax Imperia the way they acquired Lost Vikings, Blackthorne and Rock’n Roll Racing from Interplay? Check out MobyGames for the ]game covers:

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