Wrath of the Lich King - Gyrocopters on PvP?

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Nethaera dropped the teasing bomb today at the official forums leaving fans with squared-eyes. Conspiracy theories. Speculation. Misinterpretation. You can expect those after these replies. Will we see Gyrocopters as part of the Wintergrasp Lake Outdoor PvP? It’s not official. Nor announced.  But I will let you decide what to believe.  By the way, this unit was named Flying Machine back on Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. And renamed to Gyrocopters in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.  Not sure when, but after searching it in the Warcraft III Official site, they were renamed back to Flying Machines.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Flying Machines were introduced as PvP Siege Weapon.  The Flying Machine 3D Model has been seen in Bael Modan, Stonetalon Mountains and Dun Garok laying on the ground. But we have never seen one of these flying around, have we?  Wrong.  There is an Alliance quest titled “Signal for Pickup” where players are sent to the region Azshara far to the southeast coast to deliver some goods to a landing pad on an isle (Coordinates 77,91).  You click an item named Standard Issue Flare Gun: “Use: To be used at the makeshift helipad in Azshara. It will summon Pilot Xiggs Fuselighter to pick up the tablet rubblings.”  When you get there, a dwarf on a flying machine flies down and lands on the pad.  Then takes off and flies into the horizon. The graphics and animations are there.

Moreover, early at Burning Crusade expansion launch Blizzard introduced in Hellfire Peninsula and Halaa(PvP) bombing from flying mounts—however those were on a non-controllable flying mount (Wyvern / Gryphon).  Players had to throw bombs while the flying mount NPC followed a static flying path.  That changed recently however.  The daily quests introduced in recent patches for Skettis and Ogri’la have introduced the ability to throw bombs in your very own flying mount.

So … now we have bombing with your own flying mount and we have seen Gyrocopters (Flying Machines) flying in Azshara. Can we hope to see controllable Gyrocopters as siege weapon flying-mounts in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King?

Impulsive @ Shattered Hand: Gnomes still don’t have friggin airplanes.

Nethaera: You’ll shoot your eye out!

Crepe @ Drenden (MVP forum member): May we request gyrocopters instead?


WTB, please.

Nethaera: We shall see my little pocket gnome. We shall see. wink I think you’ll still all manage to blow yourselves up or get hangnail or something.

UPDATE: I just got an email from one of our visitors:

About Gyrocopter news, i’d like to point out that at blizzcon it was revealed that engineering will get some new features. One of these will be a craftable flying machine.

Maybe that’s the Gyrocopter we know. New pvp zone in northrend might include bombing too, but i maybe it won’t be with this specific flying mount. Anyway my first thought at the craftable flying machine from engineering was the Gyrocopter. smile


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