Wrath of the Lich King Beta - Storm Peaks Quest: The Drakkensryd

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This is another one to join the Best Quests of Wrath of the Lich King Hall of Fame: The Drakkensryd.  It can be obtained in Storm Peaks at the Dun Brunnhildar Village. It is a long series of quests actually. The first quest is obtained at K3 (the goblin village) where you rescue a missing goblin. You end up meeting a vykrul female held prisoner by these blue-skinned amazon-like race created by the Titans.

The Vykrul female strikes a bargain with you … help her escape the prison and she will lead you where the goblin is held captive. This alliance results in the vykrul using a rune that permanently and automatically shapeshifts you into one of these female amazons whenever you are near Brunnhildar Village and other areas.

I recommend finishing all quests given by them before doing Drakkensryd because you won’t be able to complete the quests or turn in the quests after you do quests from Thorim.  Doing Thorim’s quests will make you neutral with the Storm Giants, enabling a Phase technology trigger (now you see, now you don’t). The NPCs who grant the quests won’t be viewable afterwards.

If you have completed all their quests, then talk to Gretta the Arbiter to start the awesome quest: The Drakkensryd. You will automatically mount a Proto-Dragon. You won’t be able to control it, however. It will fly you toward the west to the Temple of Storms.  It is high atop the tallest peak in Storm Peaks. Once your Proto-Dragon reaches the top, you will see many Hyldsmeet Drakeriders flying around the Temple of Storms.  Your mount will align with their orbital flight pattern.

Open your inventory to access the harpoon given to you by Gretta the Arbiter. From this point forward you will experience one of the newest and most exciting game mechanics in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Your character will throw the harpoon (attached to a chain on your hands) at any other nearby Proto-Dragon you have targeted and—- your eyes won’t believe it—your character will jump across the sky from your mount toward your targeted Proto-Dragon.  Your mission here is to kill 10 Hyldsmeet Drakeriders. So once you mount the invaded Proto-Dragon you fight the rider to the death. The rider ends up falling off the mount. You proceed to hook another nearby Proto-Dragon with your harpoon to aboard it to fight the next rider. You also have the ability to throw the harpoon to the temple pillars and your character will dismount to reach the temple pillar.  That way you can drink/eat to aboard a new passing Proto-Dragon. It’s brilliantly designed by the developers. Sadly, it is not a daily quest. Below you can watch the whole ordeal.

Other things you can digest from the video is the new Active Shadows Feature (GeForce 6800GT in my case) and how your ghost can reach your corpse in Storm Peaks … via spirit mount. Enjoy!

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