Wrath of the Lich King - Active Shadows Feature

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For those in beta, the servers are back online as of 11pm EST/-5GMT.  There is no new patch or build. It seems the maintenance was to work on server stability and some hotfixes. Or probably to integrate new systems for the upcoming PTR 3.0.

On the Tech Support forums came up an interesting topic concerning active shadows feature.  Not all graphic cards support it, but you could check it out to find out if it does work.  I heard Mac computers do not support this feature to date, however. If you are on a PC Windows computer try this:

Open config.wtf, and the command is: SET extShadowQuality “4”

If you wish to do it in-game instead of manually the command is:
/console extshadowquality 4

You can add values from 1 to 4 in extshadowquality. I tested it on my GeForce 6800GT.  Looks smooth and cool.

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