Wow TCG: Organized Play Release

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UpperDeckStore_120x120_WOW_7.27.06Pre-Order World of Warcraft: Heroes of Azeroth TCG Booster Box

Take your first step into the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game at a Heroes of Azeroth Release Celebration near you!

The Heroes of Azeroth Release Celebration will be the first official Organized Play program for the WoW TCG, and offers fans and players a chance to learn the game and compete casually for exclusive Extended Art promo cards, and cool game accessories like Landro?s Gem Bag.

Release Celebrations are held exclusively in hobby stores worldwide. Players will be required to buy product in order to participate in the actual Sealed Deck Release Celebration events, run worldwide on the weekend of October 28. Check the full list to see if your city has a Celebration Event Schedule!

Event Flyers available for download

Start promoting the Heroes of Azeroth Release Celebration in your store. Download this file to have Horde and Alliance 8.5? x 11? flyers to hang around your store.

If you don?t have Adobe Reader installed, click here.

There have been many new updates at Upper Deck concerning the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game: Heroes of Azeroth. You should check out the official Wow TCG site often. They update the site almost everyday. Something that should be of interest to you is the release of Organized Play details. There are far more information released in the past two weeks. Here is the round up of news you should check out:

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