Wow TCG: Cory Jones Profile

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Cory Jones Profile – [Read more]
Those who wish to know more of Cory Hudson Jones can now read his profile. We interviewed him back on January to talk on public chat about the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. He is the Director of Brand and New Product Development at Upper Deck Entertainment.  You should be expecting an announcement on Blizzplanet of the second public chat with Cory Jones as Gen Con Indy approaches.

Alliance vs. Horde – [Read more]
UDE shows an artwork of a female undead named Ophelia Barrows by artist Jim Pavelec and a female night elf named Galahandra, Keeper of the Silent Grove by artist Miguel Coimbra.

Wow TCG in Netherlands
We’ve got some pretty cool stuff planned surrounding the release so even in The Netherlands you won’t be able to escape the WoW TCG. Events like the launch weekend, a presence at Spellenspektakel (Eindhoven) and Gameplay (Utrecht) are just a few of the things up our sleeves!

Joeri Hoste
Marketing and Organized Play Manager
Upper Deck Europe B.V.

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