WoW Patch 2.4 On Background Downloader

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Blizzard released a portion of patch 2.4 to World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade subscribers yesterday.  This doesn’t mean the patch 2.4 is out.  It simply means that a large portion of the patch is being distributed in preparation to an upcoming patch day.  This allows to download in the background while you play the game so that on patch day you don’t have to download a big file.

I have been playing on the PTR Server(Public Test Realm) for a while, and thus far the WoW Test Folder is 1.76GB size.  The file distributed last night is roughly 251MB. If you wish to speed up the download, simply go to your World of Warcraft folder and double-click the BackgroundDownloader.exe file. Don’t worry if nothing happens after you click the finish button. At the end it won’t install anything. It just keeps the files there until the next batch.

The Sunwell Plateau dungeon is still closed on the PTR servers, but don’t think this means the patch is coming out soon.  Thus far, Blizzard is testing the Twin Eredar bosses.  We haven’t yet tested Kil’jaeden. The Public Tournament Test is also being tested. If you wish an opportunity to win thousands of dollars in prizes go test the PTT servers in advance and report any bugs.

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