Wow Music by PLAY! Symphony World Tour

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JMP Productions announced a Symphony World Tour that will feature over 20 award-winning music from titles such as FINAL FANTASY?, SILENT HILL?, BATTLEFIELD 1942?, WORLD OF WARCRAFT? and THE ELDER SCROLLS III: MORROWIND?.

PLAY! A Videogame Symphony, the concert tour is a collaboration between JMP Productions, the team behind the Dear Friends – Music From Final Fantasy symphony tour, and Thomas Boecker, a game music producer and the executive producer of Europe’s Symphonic Game Music concerts. Essentially, it’s the joining of forces of North America’s and Europe’s two most successful game concert producers.

“JMP Productions has announced today that PLAY!, a symphony concert series with music from a catalogue of blockbuster video game titles such as Final Fantasy, World of WarCraft, Silent Hill, Battlefield 1942 and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind will tour around the world, starting in North America beginning 2006.  In total, around 20 titles per concert are going to be presented. JMP Productions is well-known for the successful “Dear Friends – Music from Final Fantasy”-US tour. The music will be performed by some of the finest, world-class orchestras and choirs. Outstanding graphics on large screens above the orchestra will accompany the scores, highlighting memorable moments from the video games. PLAY! will take off in North America, followed by Europe, Asia and Australia.”

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