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Nate Taylor from Full Stealth Films has released the first 10 minutes instalment of his HD quality film titled Indiana Pwns. The short film features three main characters: Indiana Pwn (Human), Bridget Pwn (Night Elf) and Halnold (Draenei Engineer).

This is one of the most advanced machinima videos I have seen with saturated bright and dark colors, and Holywood special effects.  The plot is a bit hilarious with parody scenes from Holywood films, that end up not working as intended. The only part that might be tasteless to some people, is when the Bridget proposes something way to intimate to her brother—which I found unnecessary. Specially when the producer asks for donations.


Harnold quotes Arnold Schwarzenegger: I’ll be back! or Hasta la vista, baby!  When the gyrocopter crashes he comes out of the flames in reference to the film Terminator. There is another scene with a dinosaur that reminds you of a scene in Jurassic Park where he asks you not to move before the T-Rex.  And another short scene from Titanic.—News via Kotaku

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