Wow Expansion, Starcraft or Diablo MMORPG?

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A day after Blizzard confirmed there is a new game announcement on May 19th at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals, Blizzard has posted three new job openings tagged Next-Gen MMO.  Could this mean the South Korea announcement is the new World of Warcraft Expansion?

Could it mean a Starcraft MMO or Diablo MMO?  This will have fans pulling their hairs off their heads for the next three weeks.  The countdown has begun!

UPDATE: More cowbell coming from—they speculate the Next-Gen MMO could mean a MMORPG ported to Console games.  Could Starcraft: Ghost make it to PC/Consoles using Microsoft’s XNA?

These three weeks will be total madness with everyone trying to figure out what the game announcement will be. Either way, Blizzard told they are developing various projects, which matches what was said over a year and a half ago that Blizzard is working on three projects. The clock is ticking as we wait for May 19th (Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals), and August 3rd (BlizzCon 2007).

Gamespot also has a rounds up of the rumors and facts.

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