Wow Easter Eggs Updates # 2

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Excuse the lack of news today. I am getting a lot of new feedback today with tons of new Wow Easter Eggs. It is taking me longer than usual to add them all. So far I got 2 pages worth of submissions. I want to add every submission with credit, and I am looking for links to match references before doing anything else. I usually email back with a thanks, but with the tons of submissions it will take longer to email everyone than to add the submissions to the database. Just wanted to tell everyone that I am reading your submissions and working on them. Many thanks. Check out page 3 and page 4.  I am still adding new ones right now, check back later.

Update: Thanks to Blizzard, Kotaku and Wow Gamona for the umm linkage. I was so busy live-updating every submission, I didn’t investigate the referrers … so far 23,000 viewers under 24 hours. Thanks to dalgar for optimizing the server. It’s holding the demand.

I finished most of the new submissions, but noticed new waves are arriving. I will be adding the correction-suggestions some fans submitted today to correct previous submitted Easter eggs that contain mistakes, before adding the new easter eggs, to be fair with those sending corrections. Got 5 pages worth of easter eggs so far.

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