Wow - Daily Quests - Fires Over Skettis

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Quest: Fires Over Skettis – is one of the easiest of the ten daily quests.  If you have a flying mount, simply talk to the NPC next to the Shattrath City flightmaster.  She will send you to Skettis.  Talk to Sky Sergeant Doryn at the Blackwind Landing. The Skyguard base is on the north of Skettis Mountains, high above.  You require a flying mount to reach the top of the mountain.

In this quest, you are given a stack of dynamite.  Using your flying mount reach the top of Arakkoa Skettis’ building rooftops above the trees>  There you will find eggs.  Place your mouse cursor over the dynamite item in your bag and your cursor will become a targeting circle.  Place the circle cursor over the eggs, and click.  This will make your character launch a dynamite stick down to the targeted area.  The eggs are destroyed, and your quest log updates how many eggs you have destroyed.  Destroy 20 eggs and return to Sky Sergeant Doryn.  He will reward you with 11 gold and 99 silver.  Return to him in 24 hours to repeat the daily quest.  Watch the video below if you haven’t experienced this quest before.

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