Wow: Burning Crusade launches in China

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The9 released World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade in China yesterday, September 6.  It shipped four days earlier than intended.  Burning Crusade had seen a lot of dispute and delays in China due to government censorship.  While the world saw a simultaneous release of Burning Crusade back on January, China gets the expansion eight months later.

The Government banned the Undead Forsaken and Undead Scourge because it caused “fear”.  The9 agreed to replace the undead models with more fleshed up versions.  Piles of bones have been replaced by tombs instead. Another cause for launch delay happened on August 2007 with a recent lawsuit against the9 and Blizzard Entertainment for using five of Founder Technology Group’s registered chinese fonts (600601.SH) without authorization by the authors, who claimed millions of dollars in losses.

The fonts were removed from the Burning Crusade. And now the chinese players, going against all odds and outrage will not be prepared for Outland and Illidan.

On another note, Interfax China reports that a chinese newspaper accused Blizzard Entertainment of favoritism to chinese players over other countries. Blizzard Entertainment denied it. (Read More).

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