World of Warcraft TCG San Diego Comic Con and Gen Con Indy

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UpperDeckStore_120x120_WOW_7.27.06Pre-Order World of Warcraft: Heroes of Azeroth TCG Booster Box

This is a very hot week of Upper Deck’s World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (TCG) action and updates. We got a round-down of links you shouldn’t miss.  First, UDE has officially launched the the WoW TCG Pre-Orders promotional.  You can now view some screenshots of UDE artists signing cards at San Diego Comic Con including Samwise (Blizzard artist) and Gabe (Penny Arcade). There are plans to choose 200 fans for a personal introduction to the Wow TCG at Gen Con Indy. You can now find out how to sign up for this very limited invitation.  The first public demonstration of the TCG will be at Gen Con Indy.  Boris Ballejo artwork is featured this week showing the Winter’s Grasp card.  And the fourth interview with Danny Mandel.

Wow TCG At San Diego Comic Con – [Read More]
If you couldn’t make it out to San Diego for Comic Con this year, here’s a look at the artist signings you missed at the Upper Deck Entertainment booth!

Gen Con Indy 2006: World of Warcraft TCG World Premier Demonstration – [Read More]
This is your chance to sign up for your own personal introduction to the Warcraft TCG!

7/27/2006   Upper Deck Entertainment is pleased to announce that we will be previewing the upcoming World of Warcraft TCG at Gen Con Indy this August. This will be the very first public demonstration of the most anticipated trading card game of 2006. Participation in this event will be extremely limited. However, this is your chance to sign up for your own personal introduction to the Warcraft TCG!

If you are chosen to participate, you will receive an appointment, a ticket, and a personal demonstration from a member of the UDE Warcraft TCG design team, all at the UDE booth in the convention exhibit hall. You will be one of fewer than 200 Gen Con attendees to receive this one-on-one sneak peek at the game.

If you are not chosen, you are strongly encouraged to come by the Upper Deck Entertainment booth and watch the demonstration, and to cheer on (or against) the lucky participants who will battle against the designers!

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please send an email to Your subject line should be Gen Con Demo. Please let us know your name, your login name on the UDE Warcraft forums, your age, how to contact you, what days and/or times you would be available, and, briefly, why you believe you should be chosen to participate.

We look forward to seeing you at Gen Con!

Pre-Order World of Warcraft: Heroes of Azeroth TCG Booster box Now!

Art Gallery: Winter’s Grasp by Boris Vallejo – [Read More]
The artwork by Boris depicts a human female sorceress casting Blizzard upon a group of orcs.

Interview with Danny Mandel, Part 4
– [Read More]
?When you?re building a deck, you have a lot of choices to customize your character.?

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