World of Warcraft RPG: Lands of Mystery

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I contacted Luke Johnson—White Wolf Game developer of the World of Warcraft RPG line—and he confirmed that World of Warcraft RPG: Lands of Mystery will make its scheduled release on April 3.  Just four days from now, the book will be available.  You may order the hardcover book now for immediate shipping soon as April 3 hits the calendar.

We will add the Content List of the RPG book once it is available.  I will also notice everyone when the PDF download becomes available.  The PDF is very useful because of its keyword Search Engine (Acrobat Reader) and because oversea/international fans can pay with paypal and get the download right away versus high costs in shipping a physical hardcover.

World of Warcraft RPG: Lands of Mystery is written from the point of view of Prospector Brann Bronzebeard and he will describe the geography and history of each notorial zone and region of Northrend, Kalimdor, Undermine, South Seas and Echo Isles.  A must-have lorewise!  Luke told me there will be new info that is not yet in World of Warcraft MMORPG.

To read a brief content review of what the book will contain read here
Read our interview with Luke Johnson.

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