World of Warcraft PTR Patch 2.2.0

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Hortus, Blizzard Quality Assurance, has announced the new Public Test Realm (PTR) is now available for download. Help test the patch and submit in-game feedback to the developers reporting issues and bugs.  You can download the PTR Client by going into your Wow Account and selecting the PTR Section.

Choose the realm and characters you wish to copy into the Public Test Realm, then download the PTR client.

The PTR Patch 2.2.0 FAQ can be read here.

The latest patch notes can always be found at


  • Resilience Rating: The reduction to the percent chance to get a critical strike now also reduces the damage dealt by damage over time effects by the same percentage.
  • Corrected the damage modifier calculation for Resilience when the attacker has bonus critical strike damage.
  • Power Regeneration: Any effect which triggers a change in your rate of power regeneration (Mana, Rage, Energy, Focus) will now cause an immediate reward of some power at the old rate of increase, and then begin new “ticks” of power at the new rate approximately 2 seconds later. This was done to improve functionality of abilities such as Evocation and Innervate so that they did not have wasted “ticks”.
  • Mac Movie Capture: the Mac client can now capture in-game video to QuickTime movie files using a configurable choice of codec (H.264, Motion JPEG, or Pixlet), resolution, and frame rate. Two new entries have been added to the Key Bindings dialog for start/stop recording and for cancellation of a recording. For more detailed configuration options please see the Mac Options panel in game. Mac OS X 10.4.9 and QuickTime 7.1.6 or better are required. Not all machines have enough performance to smoothly capture video at high frame rates; end user experimentation will be required to find appropriate settings for each system.
  • Pets are now affected by Paladin greater blessings.
  • Non combat pets may not be selected as the target for spells or abilities.
  • Being attacked by guardians, such as summoned Treants, will no longer automatically causes neutral guards to attack you.
  • Meeting Stones can no longer be used to summon players that do not meet the level requirements.


  • Items that are indicated as quest items in their tooltips and have a “use” or “equip” ability will not work in PvP arenas.
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