World of Warcraft Meets Visual Studio

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A LUA Programmer’s bliss-o-rama dream! Microsoft has announced a new Visual Studio and to demonstrate it, they demoed it using World of Warcraft LUA. Read the full press release. Below is a small portion.

San Francisco (IDGNS) – A top official from Microsoft’s developer division showcased an array of new development technologies on Tuesday, including a demo of the game World of Warcraft running within the company’s Visual Studio integrated development environment.

Scott Guthrie, general manager of the developer division, gave a wide-ranging keynote at Microsoft’s DevConnections conference at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas.

But he seemed to especially capture the audience’s attention with the WarCraft demo, which coincided with Microsoft’s announcement that it would let partners use Visual Studio and its accompanying software development kit to target platforms besides its own.

WarCraft, a popular online role-playing game, uses a programming language called LUA. The Microsoft presentation showed a developer using the familiar Visual Studio environment to code in LUA and create some extensions for the game.

“Not only does Visual Studio give you line-of-business productivity, but you can also triple-kill your opponents,” Guthrie joked after an onscreen character coldly dealt death to a trio of hapless game characters.

The WarCraft add-on will be hosted as an open-source project on CodePlex, Guthrie said.

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