World of Warcraft Diorama# 1 Sculpture Unveiled

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I have known about this baby for a couple of months, and it is finally unveiled at San Diego Comic Con.  A few weeks ago, Sideshow Collectibles gave me access to their press archive, and I will be able to get more images.  For now here you have a sneak peek.

Remember the awesome mural shown at BlizzCon 2005 showing a Blood Elf female versus a Draenei Paladin?  Sideshow Collectibles has brought to life that mural into an awesome-looking accurate replica.  Sideshow Collectibles presents to you the World of Warcraft Diorama# 1, available now on pre-orders.  Expect this sculpture by Summer 2008.  The final version will be fully painted. There will be a special edition which includes a Nether Whelp accessory. You can watch a brief video of the panel presentation.

Sideshow Collectibles: “We are showing it for the first time.  It is the Blood Elf versus the Draenei.  This is our first World of Warcraft Diorama.  Of course, it is unpainted right now.  But it’s taken us a while, and it’s taken us a while to get our first piece out because it is an extremely and intense sculpting process.  You will be able to see from the pictures on the website how detailed everything is right down to the little characters in the armor.  We will have a painted sample of this sculpture within the next month.  You guys will be able to check it out and pre-order.  The sculpture will be available by the second quarter of next year.  And we will do more things within the World of Warcraft as well.”

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