World of Warcraft: Dark Factions Cover

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World of Warcraft: Dark Factions has been the most awaited RPG Book in the past three years facing delays and long status silence.  On November, Luke Johnson shred away the veil of silence giving an ETA as close as June 2008. Today the front cover of Dark Factions (by Samwise Didier) has been unveiled.  And the RPG book contributors are as astonished as fans are to find out that some stores are listing Dark Factions to release on April 16. That’s just around the corner. (Source)

Back on November 2005, Luke Johnson said many features to be expected in Dark Factions during our live Blizzplanet public Q&A. Thanks for the heads up, HandCLAW.

Naga and satyrs stir in dark places. Goblins invent crazy devices. The Atal’ai summon a bloodthirsty god. Azeroth is home to more than just the Alliance and Horde.

Discover eight new races and fifteen factions. New game elements — classes, spells, technological devices, and the like — further enhance these characters.
• Contains eight new races, including naga, pandaren and satyrs.
• Contains nine prestige classes, including the brewmaster, death knight, and naga anomaly.
• Includes variant classes, racial iconic classes, and creature classes, allowing you to play just the sort of character you want.
• Brims with new feats, spells, magic items, technological devices, and other abilities and items to decimate your opponents.
• Contains information on the fifteen factions unaffiliated with the Alliance or Horde, including their leaders and strategies, narrated by famed dwarven explorer Brann Bronzebeard.
• Includes two adventures to challenge heroes of any affiliation.

Dark Factions is a supplement for the World of Warcraft Roleplaying game.

ISBN: 978-1-58846-446-0

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