World of Warcraft #1 - Newsarama interviews Walter Simonson

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Newsarama has interviewed Walter Simonson to discuss details of the upcoming World of Warcraft comic book (DC/Wildstorm). The comic book will be on sale by November 14. Give it a read, and prepare for our very own Q&A in the next few days.

NRAMA: Let’s get into your story a little from the preview pages – a mystery man washes up after a shipwreck, and…? What ball starts rolling from there?

WS: Hummm. I really don’t want to give anything away here, especially not before the first issue comes out – but my original notion was to begin my story by creating a central human character who is a sort of tabula rasa, much the way a gameplayer who is just starting to play Warcraft begins. Though a series of adventures and happenstances, the character grows in stature, knowledge, and power. That idea has been modified to work the character into the Warcraft lore more effectively but the idea of a mystery character—who is in fact a mystery to himself—remains. The story arc of the character introduces him to various members of other races, some of whom befriend him, some of whom do not. Some characters from both Horde and Alliance accompany him during a part of his journey and everybody doesn’t always get along swimmingly. But the central character’s quest is a search for his own identity and his place in the Warcraft world, and in this search, he is both aided and hindered by a variety of rather unique individuals.

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