Wintergrasp Lake PvP Beta Updates

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Blizzard continues to tune up and polish Wintergrasp Lake (World PvP):

KalganHere’s a quick update on some of the things coming to Wintergrasp over the course of the next few beta updates.

  • Graveyards will be inaccessible to attackers (ie: above normal terrain) to put a damper on gy camping.

  • Ranking up will be based on HKs rather than killing blows (was always intended to be HKs)
  • In the case of team imbalances, there will be escalating bonuses to the weaker team (for both honor and combat effectiveness… mostly survivability bonuses and potentially easier access to vehicles)
  • The losing team will receive a partial bonus at the end of a battle (also based on participation)
  • Players will be able to leave Wintergrasp at any time (via a “Leave Battle” UI option similar to leaving a battleground)
  • A variety of daily quests will be introduced to the zone, including quests that are relevant when the battle isn’t currently active
  • Ongoing tuning of vehicle power (they’re still on the strong side)
  • Ongoing bugfixing and polish

Something else we’re hoping to get in, but aren’t certain of at this point is the ability to select which graveyard you respawn at.

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