WCRadio announces OMFG Network

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WCRadio announces a new feature for World of Warcraft enthusiasts and Gamers in general. Fans will be able to upload various media types bringing the community together to share creative work. The media distribution architecture is a self-sufficient, internal Torrent engine that allows gamers to upload and download large media files for free. The Public IRC Q&A took place on Sunday 11. (

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Original Media For Gamers – O.M.F.G.

So it?s out now, Original Media For Gamers is coming. But what is it, you may ask? Let me tell you…

O.M.F.G. is a revolution. It is going to become the next Newgrounds of the internet, but for gamers. It will bring together all aspects of gaming under one roof, where everyone can view and submit media of all types, from Flash, Videos, Podcasts and more.

The possibilities are endless with the coming of O.M.F.G. Original Media For Gamers is a storm… a storm unlike anything you have ever seen before. In the coming days there will be a ton of information released, but for now, tune in to the offical Press-Release and Question and Answer session this week on Shadow Council.

On Sunday June 11th WoW Radio held a special Question and Answer panel on Shadow Council. During the show fans were able to ask questions live to the key staffers involved in the project and get answers on the air and discuss how this is all going to work. The show will be archived. If you have a question but can’t listen live E-Mail it to WCRadioDuncor@Gmail.com with the title OMFG Q&A

channel: #wowradio

Shadow Council
Sun, June 11 2006
2:00pm EST
7:00pm GTM

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