Warcraft II: The Dark Portal Content

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We have added the Campaigns Lore from Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal—where you can read that Khadgar, Alleria, Kurdran, Turalyon and Danath escaped through one of the Portals before Draenor collapsed.  Blizzard Entertainment’s President Mike Morhaime commented at BlizzCon that the Heroes would be in the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Expansion. As previously announced, we are presenting this lore from:

… in the waking of an upcoming Public Q&A with Jeff Grubb—Author of Warcraft: The Last Guardian.  This official novel pocketbook tells the story of Medivh—which covers the happenings within the Tower of Kharazhan, located at Deadwind Pass, during the First and Second Wars. Thus, It is important for all fans to read our content(left menu) and to read Warcraft: The Last Guardian to prepare lorewise for the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Expansion.  You can purchase the book Here

Be ready to prepare questions for Jeff Grubb, as you might be able to ask him on IRC chat soon.  A definite date/time will be announced during December.

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