Warcraft: Dawn of Chaos Mod - February Release

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Realm Design hosted at the Rampaging Polygons Modding Community has announced the impending release of the long-awaited Warcraft III mod that recreates some of the events of Warcraft: Orcs and Humans in the Warcraft III Engine with some custom Map Campaigns. Those familiar with the modding community will remember Xaran Alamas, former-member of Star Alliance (Samods).  Xaran Alamas is involved in the development of Warcraft: Dawn of Chaos and founded Rampaging Polygons some time ago. Other members behind Warcraft: Dawn of Chaos are: John Drake, Skullpitter, Challis, Samurai Panda, STURMGuy, Albiino-I, and Whitehorn – among others.

It’s been a great New Year for the whole modding community.

Howdy folks,

From all of us at Realm Design I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year!

Now that that is over with – let’s get to business!  The Dawn of Chaos is a large project and as such is a bit hard to focus on for us – so to fix that problem we’ve chopped it up.  Starting this February, we will be releasing Dawn of Chaos in chapters, each chapter consisting of 3 Orc and 3 Human levels, as well as an accompanying story cinematic for each race.

That’s right, Dawn of Chaos is coming out this February!

Now to tide you over, here’s some shots of the two new races.  Some of this was released at some point and has been updated, some of it is new, and some of it is content from the DoC vault finally seeing the light of day.


John Drake
Realm Designer

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