Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne – Night Elf Campaign – Chapter 3: The Tomb of Sargeras

Location: The Broken Isles

Moments later, just inside the entrance of the shadowed tomb, Maiev and her Watchers brace themselves for an ambush.

Naisha the Huntress: I have a bad feeling about this, mistress. It’s too quiet. It feels as if we’re walking into a trap.

Maiev: Still, we must press on, Naisha. If Illidan finds whatever it is he’s seeking, he could – Wait! Look there! Strange, these are orcish runes! They were written by Gul’dan when he first opened this tomb twenty years ago.

Naisha the Huntress: What do they say?

Maiev: Apparently, he logged his journey through the Tomb’s depths. These runes seem to depict that history.

Maiev keeps reading the runes written in blood on the walls of the inner temple, and flashback memories depict how the white-and-red-garment-dressed bloodlust Shamans of the Stormreaver Clan enter the Tomb of Sargeras temple alongside Gul’dan.

Gul’dan: Quickly, you fools, fan out and search for the primary passageway! We must reach the Chamber of the Eye before the tomb’s guardians awaken! Spineless cowards! I said move! Now, Sargeras, I will claim whatever’s left of your power, and bring this wretched world to its knees!

Maiev stops reading the last of the runes on the chamber, and keeps moving along the corridors of the Tomb of Sargeras temple.

Maiev: There’s no telling what Gul’dan and his lackeys awoke in this foul place. We must be cautious.

The Search for Illidan
Find Illidan
Maiev must survive

Illidan’s Nefarious plans have led him deep into the Tomb of Sargeras. You must find the Betrayer and discover what he’s up to.

As Maiev and the Watchers move forward demons and Skeleton warriors start to pour in to attack

Overlord Doom Guard: Turn back, you mortals. None may defile the Tomb of Sargeras!

Maiev and the Watchers defeat the first wave and move forward. Using Blink to move to higher and lower areas or to explore the other side of walls along the pasegeways, Maiev finds a strange object.

Maiev: This is a piece of Gul’dan’s Shadow Orb. He must have shattered it by accident. If we can find the other missing pieces, we could reassemble the Orb and use its powers to aid us.

The Shadow Orb

Find the Shadow Orb Fragments(1 of 10 Found)

This artifact increases in power as you find each of the Fragments hidden in this tomb. This artifact was imbued with special powers by the Orc Shadow Council. It increases your attack damage by 10, Armor by 3 and grants enhanced hit point regeneration.(625g)

To the south of the Temple, an opening in the wall is caved in with rocks. Voices could be heard on the other side.

Maiev: I can hear our comrades’ voices from the other side of this barrier! If we destroy it, they”ll be able to get inside and help us hunt for Illidan.

Along their journey through the temple, they find another chamber with Orcish runes written by Gul’dan over the walls.

Maiev: There… more of Gul’dan’s glyphs! Interesting. They continue the warlock’s tale.

Gul’dan: Blasted, feeble-minded weaklings! They’re all likely dead by now! Still, I must press on. My power alone should be enough to – That laughter… is that you, Sargeras? You seek to mock me? We’ll see who laughs last, demon, when I claim your burning eye for my own!

Naisha the Huntress: Again, he referenced this mysterious eye. What could it be?

Maiev: An artifact, no doubt. It must have contained tremendous demonic power to lure Gul’dan as it did.

Further northwest inside the temple, the tunnels are filled with seawater and coral formations. Many Mur’guls, Sea Giant Turtles and Hydras roam the area. Maiev and the Watchers fight their way through in search of other pieces of the Shadow Orb. When suddenly-

Maiev: Strange, it’s a statue of Azshara, the great queen of old. She led our people to ruin by consorting with Sargeras and his Burning Legion. Only, I don’t recall her ever having a tail.

Further west of the flooded area, another caved in tunnel revealed more Watcher forces waiting on the other side, trying to get into the temple. Maiev and the Watchers remove the debris letting in two Dryads to join them in their search for Illidan. To the northeast heading east through the flooded chamber, Maiev finds Lady Vashj.

Lady Vashj: You’ve come far enough, little warden. Your vaunted night elf justice has no jurisdiction here.

Maiev: What would you know of us or our justice, naga witch?

Lady Vashj: Why, my dear, we naga were once night elves! We were Azshara’s chosen, the Highborne… banished beneath the cruel seas when the Well of Eternity imploded around us!

Maiev: Impossible!

Lady Vashj: Cursed, transformed, we have waited ten thousand years to retake our rightful place in the world. And now, with Lord Illidan’s help, we shall!

Maiev: Not while I draw breath!

Lady Vashj: Your courage is commendable, but it shall avail you nothing.

Lady Vashj flees away, sealing a barrier behind her to stop Maiev. Shortly, Maiev discovers another caved in passageway. Behind the debris of rocks, voices could be heard. Few Druids of the Claw joined her forces.

Maiev: Destroy that barrier so our forces can join us!

Destroy the rock barriers (Completed)

Your Night Elf brethren have found several passageways that lead into the Tomb of Sargeras. There are only a few rock barriers remaining between Maiev and her warriors. Destroy the rock barriers so she can rendezvous with her troops.

Searching through the corridors and blinking through walls in search of the last remaining pieces of Gul’dan’s Shadow Orb, finally Maiev finds the last piece.

Maiev: Finally, the last piece of the Shadow Orb! Now we’ll use Gul’dan’s own artifact to discover what he could not.

The Shadow Orb

As Gul’dan’s wretched body was ripped to pieces by the Tomb’s Demonic guardians, his most coveted artifact was shattered. The Shadow Orb, the artifact imbued by the Shadow Council itself, was broken into 10 fragments. Locate the missing Fragments, and reassemble the Orb.  With each remnant found, the Orb’s power will increase.

Naisha the Huntress: Look, mistress, more of Gul’dan’s glyphs.

Maiev: Yes, Gul’dan’s script seems to grow more desperate. It reads that he was-

Gul’dan: Ambushed… by the guardians. I am… dying. If my servants… had not abandoned me, I could have claimed the eye and – Damn you, Sargeras! I won’t be beaten like this! I am Gul’dan! I am darkness incarnate! It cannot end… like this.

Maiev: This is as far as he got. The runes simply trail off. I cannot imagine what horrors Gul’dan faced in his final moments. I hear dark whispering beyond this gate. It could be Illidan and his minions.

The Search for Illidan

Once the gate was destroyed, Maiev and her forces watched as Naga Sirens cast a spellwork surrounding the green glowing Eye of Sargeras artifact with the supervision of Illidan.

Illidan: So, Warden Shadowsong, you’ve made it at last. I knew you would.

Maiev: You have much to pay for, Illidan. I’m taking you back to your cell.

Illidan: Naivete does not suit you. When I consumed the power of Gul’dan’s skull, I inherited his memories, especially those of this place, and the dark prize he coveted.

Maiev: Yes, the power of Sargeras. You would claim it as your own!

Illidan: That power is beyond my reach, little warden. But this… the Eye of Sargeras… contains all the power I’ll need to rid this wretched world of my enemies once and for all. Ironic that you should be its first victim.

Maiev: You’re insane!

Illidan: Isolation can do that to the mind. Now, after all the long centuries you kept me chained in darkness, it is only fitting that I bury you in turn.
With a simple gesture from Illidan, using the power of the Eye of Sargeras, he caused the temple to shake in huge tremors that attempted to bury Maiev and the Watchers alive under tons of rock.

Maiev: Damn! I must reach Shan’do Stormrage and warn him of his brother’s treachery. My power will allow me to escape, but I fear there is no way out for the rest of you.

Naisha the Huntress: Go, mistress! The goddess will light our path to the hereafter.

Maiev: I will not forget you, my sisters. You will be avenged. I swear it! Now, I’ve got to find a way out before this cursed tomb is drowned by the seas!

With her last goodbye to her crew and Naisha, Maiev uses her blink power to escape through walls and passageways under 3:30 minutes before the whole temple buckles down with the earthquake caused by Illidan with the Eye of Sargeras to bury the Watchers alive.

Escape from the Tomb
Bring Maiev to the tomb entrance
Maiev must survive

Maiev finally reached the exit as the temple ceiling came down behind her and Doom Guards and Fel Stalkers chased her.

Escape from the Tomb


Tomb Guardians:
Skeletal Orc Grunt lvl 5 Undead
Skeletal Guardian lvl 3 Undead
Skeletal Mage
Skeleton Warrior
Slime Hurler lvl 5
Fel Stalker
Watchers Team:
Druid of the Claw
Druid of the Talon
Illidan’s Naga
Lady Vashj lvl 2 Sea Witch
Illidan lvl 10
Naga Myrmidon
Snap dragon
Naga Siren
Skink (lizard)
Coral Element lvl 2
Stormreaver Hermit
Stormreaver Necrolyte lvl 6
Skeletal Orc lvl 3 undead
Mur’gul Shadowcaster lvl 7
Mur’gul Tidewarrior lvl 3
Mur’gul Snarecaster lvl 4
Hydra hatchling lvl 3
Gargantuan Sea Turtle lvl 7
Elder Hydra lvl 7
Hydra lvl 6
Giant Sea Turtle lvl 4
Sea Turtle lvl 2


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