Vollee Releases Second Life on 3G Mobile Phone Video Demo

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Vollee has just released a video demonstrating their application in action running Second Life on an actual 3G Mobile Phone. The video demonstration shows a character exploring the virtual world, and the player is able to join a guild chat to read, type and interact with friends.

The awesomeness of this application technology by Vollee is that 3D data is not rendered by the 3G mobile phone’s built-in graphic components.  The Second Life game is being streamed straight from Vollee’s servers as mediator between your PC computer at home and your 3G mobile phone.

Personally, I do not have a 3G Cell phone, but I am sure this will be very appealing to fans who do have one.  I was informed the service will be made available for free to anyone with a 3G phone who signs up for the Beta trial by visiting http://www.vollee.com/secondlife.

Blizzard Entertainment, Vivendi and Activision Blizzard have not made any official announcement concerning World of Warcraft Mobile, BattleChat or any plans with Vollee.  However, Vollee has announced relationships with Linden Lab, Activision, Codemasters and Encore in past months.

Please share your feedback over at the following forum thread.  I want to read your feedback after you have tested this, and my question for you is:

1. Would you like this feature for World of Warcraft?
2. What other World of Warcraft features would you like to have access to from a 3G Mobile Phone?
3. How could this benefit eSports if Starcraft 2 and Battle.net 2.0 goes mobile?
4. Would you like to watch live eSport broadcasts or replays on your mobile?

Not long ago, I reported sighting of a new trademark registered by Blizzard Entertainment … BattleChat. Seems like Blizzard Mobile Division is cooking a few surprises for one or more games.

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