Video Games Live Concert @ Columbus, Ohio

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If you live in Columbus, Ohio start scheduling right now.  You can have fun going to a Game music concert, or may invite a family member or friend as a gift.

Video Games Live Concert will perform once more on April 26th, 2007 in Columbus, Ohio, at the Mershon Auditorium.  The Concert starts at 7:30 PM (Ohio Timezone) at the Columbus Symphony Event.

Get your tickets here.

They will play World of Warcraft music, and Mario™, Zelda®, Halo®, Metal Gear Solid®, Warcraft®, Myst®, Kingdom Hearts®, Castlevania®, Medal of Honor™, Sonic™, Final Fantasy®, Tron, Tomb Raider®, Advent Rising, Headhunter, Beyond Good & Evil™, Tom Clancy medley (Splinter Cell®, Ghost Recon™, Rainbow Six®), EverQuest® II and a and a special retro Classic Arcade Medley featuring over 20+ games from Pong® to Donkey Kong® including such classics as Dragon’s Lair, Tetris, Frogger, Gauntlet, Space Invaders, Outrun & Robotron.

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