Unreleased Instances Section

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I am currently working baby-steps one at a time, updating the Unreleased Instances section.  Many of you might remember me as Medievalboy in the Official Forums.  I created the list of non-released instances with few tidbits of lore from the pocketbooks and RPG books.

However, that list was originally created on March 2005.  It is fairly outdated info.  Ahn’Qiraj wasn’t yet released by then, nor were the four outdoor dragon bosses.  There was no Burning Crusade info either.  So, I will spend some time writing up and gathering info to update the section in more detail.  Since I added campaign missions for each warcraft game ever released by Blizzard, I will throw in some lore from the past games too.

I think the fans deserve the section to be updated.  It is about one of the most popular and most visited pages in Blizzplanet.  The original official forum thread was pruned after it reached its limit of 35-pages of feedback and over 80,000 views.  Shortly before the thread died, I was able to put the article in Blizzplanet, where it still gets visited often—with 176,885 views to date.

I will try to launch the updated version by Monday. Check us back soon. Want a sample?  Well, it is not revised and spellchecked, but it may give you a slight idea of how it will look like now with plenty of details from different sources.

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