Unofficial Diablo 3 Q&A

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A compilation of latest posts at the official Diablo 3 forums:

Why does IGN have more Screen Shots of D3?

Bashiok: It’s pretty common for us to provide some amount of screenshots and/or concept art to be given to sites as exclusives. The ones you’re seeing are likely general press exclusives from the announcement at WWI.

How would I get my blizzcon badge if I won it on a contest?

Bashiok: I probably e-mailed you instructions if you won them from a Diablo fansite, but either way proceed to the VIP registration booth when you arrive.

All monsters want us dead. In an interview with the scavenger, a sand monster was eating him or digesting, but the scavenger was clawing its way out. The interviewer vomited him. Point is, are they gonna sometimes fight each other, or do they all once again put aside their mutual differences and decide to just attack us? I’d really like moving catapult monsters that accidentally splatter melee monsters attacking us.

Bashiok: It would be naive to think that with all of the creatures, demons, and monsters in the world of Sanctuary that they’d all purely be concerned with killing you and you alone.

I like the idea of not having to play “tetris”(even though im a beast at tetris), but visually it really is not as appealing as the old system. I liked seeing the unique item, or the horadric cube as a large picture in my inventory. It made me feel like i was actually holding something of value. I understand the items will be the same regardless of how large the picture is, but it really takes away some of the grandeur. Is there some way to get the best of both worlds?

Bashiok: We have an awesome UI guy (Mike Nicholson) who is constantly iterating on the interface. Right now it has a lot of the core pieces of what we want, but it’s still being worked on fairly heavily. Specifically regarding item images and being able to see the artwork – being able to reach a happy medium between single slot and having nice big item images is something we’re striving for.

Unofficial Blizzcon Achievements: “Ruler of Blizzcon” – Survived both days of Blizzcon without … showering

Bashiok: For my own sanity please do not do this.

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