Uncorrupted Orcs in Nagrand

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After playing through a series of quests, we are led to Mag’har Post – located northwest of Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula.  There we find Gorkan Bloodfist who says you were not attacked on sight because the spirits had found you worthy. Upon revealing that you are from the Horde in Azeroth, led by Thrall – an uncorrupted Orc, son of Durotan – at first he is in disbelief. He proceeds to say they are a uncorrupted line of orcs who have evaded detection by the Burning Legion.

You are sent to Orgrimmar to tell the news to Thrall, who is surprised to learn of this unexpected news. On the spot he wishes to go to Outland, but Eitrigg persuades him to stay, for the enemies of the Horde would take the opportunity of his absence.  Thrall agrees, and decides to stay, but to send ambassadors to meet the Mag’har Tribe.  We are to serve the Mag’har in anything they require from us in representation of Thrall.

Another tidbit slipped by Thrall based on the info we brought to him is that the son of Grom Hellscream leads the uncorrupted orcs in Nagrand. Or it is implied.  After mentioning Hellscream in Nagrand, Thrall says if he is anything like his … father, they should contact the Nagrand tribe immediately.

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