Tigole: Grim Batol Instance

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Grim Batol hasn’t been mentioned in ages, but I wanted to share some quotes from Tigole back when Wow Beta Forums was online.

Tigole – Dec 7, 2003
The eastern section of Wetlands is reserved for a special, max level quest event. The event is not currently in the beta.

For those of you interested with the lore of that area, read the novel, Day of the Dragon. That’s Grim Batol at the top of the hill there… You can also see the wrecked orc caravan >=]

Tigole – Dec 3, 2003
The locked doors to Grim Batol lie at the top of the red dragon gauntlet in northeastern Wetlands. This is the one area of the Wetlands that is not yet populated with creatures. We have very specific plans for this area >=)

For those of you familiar with Warcraft lore, you’ll notice the remains of the orc caravan which the red dragon flight destroyed in *Day of the Dragon* not far from Grim Batol.

Hopefully we get more updated info of Grim Batol.  This is one of the few instances that a Dev dared to speak during Closed Beta, yet no further info was revealed.  Other places mentioned to be in development were Nazjatar, and the Emerald Dream.

Get the novel Warcraft: Day of the Dragon—by Richard A. Knaak.

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