The Starcraft Conundrum

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I have written a short article summarizing briefly the length of time Starcraft players have been waiting for a new Starcraft game.  Some of the Starcraft: Ghost delays and its postponement, and what all of us are left to look forward until Blizzard Entertainment comes out with a meaningful announcement of any new Starcraft game.

For now we only have new Starcraft pocketbooks to dig into the Starcraft lore, and two awesome fan-made projects that have every Starcraft fan on the edge of their seats: Project Revolution (total conversion) and Starcraft Chronicles (The Unofficial CGI Film). [Read more]

As for more Starcraft Chronicles CGI Film updates, below you can see sample artwork of some of the 3D modellers that joined the team. Here we can take a glimpse into their innate talent and the potential of the fan-made film.

by Triod

by LVJ

by Turdmoe
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