The Arreat Summit: Still Growing

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After seven years, the Arrea Summit official site has kept ample support from the playerbase with submissions.  With BlizzCon coming the Diablo Community still has hopes to hear a new Diablo game announcement. Share with us your opinion.  Do you think Blizzard will announce a new Diablo Game?

What do you wish they announced?
a. Diablo 3 (RPG Hack’n Slash)
b. Diablo MMO

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The Official site Arreat Summit wants your submissions:

Our official Diablo II: Lord of Destruction guide, the Arreat Summit, has been offering in-depth information and resources on Diablo II for over seven years. Its popularity is still going strong thanks to the support and dedication of the Diablo II playerbase, and it continues to be one of the most-viewed pages on Send your own contributions to the Arreat Summit today!

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