Teamspeex: Voice Chat for Mac OS X

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NOTE:  Seems the source has bandwidth problems … and no wonder, every Mac OS X user craves for a Teamspeak compatible Voice Chat client.  Check out later.  Hopefully he finds mirrors.

A programmer has announced an open beta for his new creation named Teamspeex for Mac OS X users.  The product is not related to the Teamspeak developers, but by an independent programmer who got tired of waiting for the Mac OS X version of Teamspeak which has been on hiatus for a year, so he is developing his own version which is compatible with Teamspeak servers.  I suggest running a anti-virus scan just in case, but it seems exciting for the Mac OS X community that needs a Voice chat alternative for their Gaming experience.

Wondering what TeamSpeex is? I?m happy to tell you but first I?ll explain what TeamSpeak is:

TeamSpeak is a Voice over IP program used by alot of gamers to communicate with each other with voice. The TeamSpeak client is available for Windows and Linux users and an official Mac client has been announced more than 1 year ago but there is still no Mac client as of today.. 🙁

So I was tired of waiting and seeing Mac users being left in the dark and not supported by not having a client, up until now ofcourse because (you probably already guessed it) TeamSpeex is a TeamSpeak client for Mac OS X!

I named it TeamSpeex because it only supports the Speex codec. smile It is fully compatible with existing TeamSpeak servers, and with PC and Linux users.

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