TeamLiquid Interview: 2012 World Championships Sneak Peek

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TeamLiquid interviewed Ilja Rotelli (Global director of community & eSports) to discuss details of the upcoming 2012 World Championship which Blizzard recently mentioned would take place at the end of 2012. Read the full interview.

      Blizzard’s earlier announcement regarding the 2012 World Championship was just the tip of the iceberg. In a phone call with TeamLiquid, Blizzard’s Ilja Rotelli – Global Director of Community & eSports – offered some details about Blizzard’s ambitious plans for StarCraft II in 2012.

      The World Championship sits on top of a four-tier program, with tournaments at the continental, national, and sub-national level leading up to this final event. Blizzard hopes to cooperate with existing eSports organizations in order to implement this year long plan. Though fans are surely looking forward to the World Championships to be held in the Asia-Pacific region, the more interesting factor for the everyday StarCraft II player could be the lowest level of the tournament: the national qualifiers. By allowing everyone an equal chance at the national qualifier level, Blizzard hopes to make eSports a more participatory activity, and not just a pure spectator sport.

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