Superman plays World of Warcraft

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It’s a Dragon, It’s a Zeppelin, no … It’s Superman !!!! Harry Knowles from Ain’t it Cool News had a phone interview with Superman Returns actor Brandon Routh.  To everyone’s surprise, he is a World of Warcraft freak.  With the popularity of this MMO, ranging over 6.5 million subscribers worldwide, anyone these days shameless-plugs their promotional advertising with the magic “sugar” word. Figures!

Needless to say, it is cool to see so many celebrities enjoy the game as much as we all do.  World of Warcraft unites players of every professional, social, economical and … ugh, extraterrestial spheres.

Harry: I?ve heard rumors that you?re a World of Warcraft freak?

Brandon: (genuinely surprised laughter, followed by a seemingly blushing) Yeah? ?that?s true.

Harry: Absolutely! Well as soon as I read the news, knowing that you were a Warcraft guy, I just had to bring it up cuz you?re the title character of Legendary?s biggest film to date and that?s their movie.

Brandon: Yeah, I know. They told me they went down and met with WIZARD?s guys, that?s pretty? that?s interesting.

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