Stratics Q&A Transcript with Blizzard

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Ladybeth announces that Stratics got a Q&A with Blizzard Entertainment developers: Tom Chilton (Lead Designer) and Jeff Kaplan (Lead Designer). All the questions submitted by fans few weeks ago were considered to pick fifteen.

Why do Darkspear (Jungle) trolls yell “For Zul’jin!”, when Zul’jin is a forest troll?- Robert Dooley from the Daggerspine realm.

A. Zul’jin is honored by most troll tribes for both his valor and leadership. Even the jungle trolls hold his legend in the highest esteem.

With the upcoming addition of the Naxxramas raid instance, it will ultimately introduce a slew of new and powerful items for players to hunt for. How are you developers planning on relieving the disparity between non-raiders, whom can acquire tier 0.5 at best, and raiders, whom will soon have access to tier 3? – Robyn Parrell on the Burning Legion server.

A. Increasing the level cap to 70 inherently narrows the gap between raiders and non-raiders, as it gives non-raiders an opportunity to gain new items with higher levels through quests and instances. In addition, we expect that even more of our end game PvE content in the expansion will be experienced by more players than the current end-game content is.

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