Starcraft: The Board Game Errata FAQ

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Fantasy Flight Games has released a FAQ Page (PDF) written by StarCraft: The Board Game designer, Corey Konieczka.  The FAQ contains an Errata list to point out a few incorrections that appeared in the game’s manual.  The FAQ also helps you understand how to play the game:


Back Page Reference
The steps of the regrouping phase are listed incorrectly on the back of the rulebook. The steps are as follows (also listed correctly in the rulebook on pages 15–16):
1. Destroy Bases and Transports
2. Lose Resource Cards
3. Gain Resource Cards
4. Retrieve Workers
5. Gain Conquest Points
6. Check for Normal Victory
7. Check for Special Victory
8. Play Event Cards
9. Discard Combat Cards
10. Pass the First Player Token

Order Reference Sheet

The Queen of Blades special victory is listed incorrectly on the order reference sheet. It should be to control three areas containing conquest points (as listed on her faction sheet). In addition, the back of the sheet should list that Ghost units can use four different technologies (instead of three).

Team Game Restriction
When playing a team game, a player cannot build a base on a planet if it will cause his team to have a base on every area of the planet. This is to prevent a team from acquiring the air support module and making it impossible for opponents to move to a small planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What defines control of an area?
A: A player controls an area if he has at least one unit or base in the area, and there are no enemy units or bases in the area.

Q: If there is only one player with a base on a planet, does he automatically receive all conquest points on the planet during the regrouping phase?
A: Not necessarily. A player can only acquire conquest points from an area that he controls.

Q: Is a player eliminated if his last base is destroyed?
A: A player is only eliminated if he has zero bases and zero units on the game board.

Q: How many conquest points are required to win if the Aldaris faction is eliminated from the game?
A: Fifteen.

Q: Can a player build units at a friendly base if there are enemy units present in the area?
A: A player can build units in any empty or friendly area on a planet where he has a base, even if the enemy has units present at his base. Therefore, a player cannot build units in the area containing his base (because of the enemy units), but he can build units in other friendly or empty areas on the planet.

Q: If an Event card moves a z-axis navigation route, leaving a transport no longer adjacent to one of its owner’s bases, is the transport immediately destroyed?
A: No. Transports are only destroyed during step 1 of the Regrouping Phase.

Q: What happens if two players use the Event card that requires their opponent to play Combat cards first and faceup?
A: The defender’s abilities are triggered second, meaning that his card would override his opponent’s card. Both players would play cards faceup, but the attacker would play first.

Q: How does the Zerg technology “Metabolic Boost” work?
A: If an attacking front-line Zergling unit has sufficient strength to kill the opposing ground unit, then it gains +2 health. This only applies when attacking, and only to the skirmish in which the Zergling had sufficient strength.

Q: A Ghost unit uses the “Nuke” and “Cloaking Field” Technology cards. Is the “Nuke” ability triggered if the Ghost is forced to withdraw due to an opponent’s attack?
A: Yes, the “Nuke” card is still triggered. The only thing that can prevent “Nuke” from taking effect is the Ghost being physically destroyed.

Q: What happens when a “Scourge” Combat card’s ability is triggered against a unit with cloaking?
A: The cloaking unit withdraws following standard cloaking rules.

Q: If an area has been fully depleted of resources, does it still count towards players’ special victory conditions?
A: Yes. For example, Jim Raynor needs to control six areas containing gas and/or minerals; this includes any area that has a printed gas or mineral icon on it.

Q: What happens when there are not enough areas of a specific type to fulfil a player’s special victory condition?
A: If a player controls every area of the required type, then he is considered to have enough areas. For example, if there are only two areas containing conquest points on the board, then
the Queen of Blades only needs to control these two in order to fulfil her objective (instead of the three normally required).

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