Starcraft Sandlot Tournament

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mess1Ah from Germany reports that Blizzard will hold a big Starcraft tournament as a thanks to the community … get ready to rumble at the StarCraft Sandlot Tournament. Blizzard will invite 8 champions who will vote on a draft to pick their teams to aim for a prize of $20,000. Read the Tournament details.

“We’re pleased to present the first look at Blizzard Entertainment’s upcoming StarCraft Sandlot Tournament!

Eight years after its release, StarCraft continues to rank among the most popular mediums for computer gaming competitions. Over the years, StarCraft has been supported by a large player base; community websites; and enthusiasts who continue to put much time, effort, and energy into the game. We felt there could be no better way to honor this passion than to organize a massive tournament on and support the StarCraft community. Gamers across the globe will be able to get directly involved with the Sandlot Tournament, and this gives the world’s best players a chance to battle it out for some serious cash”

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