Starcraft II Warp Ray

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The Starcraft II website has been updated with the Protoss Warp Ray unit. The page comes with animations, sound effects and voice acting. Check it out here.

The reunification of the Aiur protoss and the dark templar has been a time of great trials for both peoples. Overcoming the centuries of fear and mistrust that built up after the exile of the dark templar is no easy task. Nonetheless, the melding of technologies that developed along separate paths for so long has heralded spectacular new developments for the protoss. One such creation is the warp ray, a new capital vessel that many believe will eventually replace the venerable protoss carrier as flagship of the protoss fleet. A warp ray is a ship virtually built around a single gigantic power source: the prismatic core. This device seethes with energy drawn from two realms: the Void, which is truly understood only by the dark templar, and the psionic matrix, which underpins the technologies of the Aiur protoss. In combination these two energies form a self-sustaining reaction of terrifying potential.

Normally the prismatic core is held in check by an arrangement of flux field projectors. When a warp ray locks on to a target, the projector arms smoothly part like the petals of a flower. A complex array of warp lenses and phase-crystals works to focus the energies of the prismatic core into a ravening beam of destructio.

As the prismatic beam is held on the target, more of the focusing array becomes aligned, and up to three individual power streams combine together. Over a few seconds the beam’s intensity and power grow exponentially. Few enemies can withstand the awful power of the prismatic beam for long: even large and heavily armored targets like buildings or battlecruisers are incinerated in moments.

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