Starcraft II Team Approaching Final Stages on Protoss Casters

Written by Medievaldragon on . Posted in Blizzard Games News, StarCraft 2 News

Karune updated Twitter and Facebook to inform the Starcraft II team is approaching the final stages of development over the Protoss casters.

It is uncertain if this means we are closer to beta. Been there, done that — it’s taking forever and we are just anxious and starving for any mention of closed beta.

What am I talking about? Heck, my computer and graphic card is nigh a year old still awaiting to play closed beta. The only reason I haven’t gone insane is the fortunate invitation I got to play the single player at the Blizzard Entertainment Studios back on July and at Blizzcon. I needz more fuel though. Gimme beta!!!

Only the Facebook update offers a small image showing Protoss Archons and Templars casting psi-storm on a Zerg base.

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